$250,000 gives adventurous couples the ultimate Antarctica wedding experience. It’s complete with snow lounges, 28,000 penguins, and a beautiful backdrop.

For $250,000, couples can give their destination wedding in Antarctica a whole new meaning! Bespoke luxury travel company Red Savannah offers the ultimate wedding experience, albeit at a premium, and makes your special day truly unforgettable. The White Wedding in a White Desert experience begins with a 12-guest wedding party flying from Cape Town, South Africa to the Wolf Fang Track in Antarctica in an 8.5 hour flight. The festivities begin with a hearty breakfast, including a cake-cutting ceremony followed by a glass of champagne in the Snow Lounge. Weddings can be chilly, but this one takes it literally.

Antarctica is definitely a place like no other.

You can revel in the natural vistas of Antarctica, from the peaks of a range of nunataks on the horizon to the velvety expanse of snow. If the Arctic is close to your heart, you might spend the rest of your stay at Echo, a brand new polar camp consisting of six private pods equipped with a floor-to-ceiling window design.

echo camp

The state-of-the-art pods contain a communal area and dining area where guests devour the finest South African produce paired with award-winning wine selections. Another way to relax in this spectacular location is Whichaway Camp. Here guests can relax in a wellness area and sauna on the shores of the freshwater lake of the Schirmacher oasis.

Luxurious pods offer panoramic views of the snow-white landscape.

It seems that for the first time the wedding seems more promising than the honeymoon. Along with enjoying the natural beauty of Antarctica, guests can also indulge in a colony tour of 28,000 emperor penguins, nunatak walks, ice skating and rock climbing. The well-planned wedding experience even takes care of the wedding gifts. $1,000 per person is pledged to conservation and sustainability initiatives visiting Antarctica.

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