5 golden commandments to keep in mind for a destination wedding

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Head of wedding design company The Mogra Collective, Malvika Poddar and Karuna Reddy share some tips to follow when planning a destination wedding

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Everyone dreams of a magical wedding and although there are countless moodboards, countless rehearsals and endless hunts to find the perfect theme, only a few fairy tales come to life. Whether it’s an intimate affair or a grand soiree, weddings always ring high on extravagance and require extensive planning. And if a destination wedding is on your mind, chances are the challenge is up a notch.

From a hundred to-do lists to last-minute hassles, even the best have found themselves in the middle of the chaos. However, worry no more for Malvika Poddar and Karuna Reddy, founders of wedding design company The Mogra Collective, are here with a set of insightful tips that will get the preparations off to a good start. So, before you fly to a foreign country to marry your loved one, consider the following important details.

Trust the experts

Destination weddings require a thorough understanding of locations, detailed travel itineraries, and networks to help with logistics. And who better than one seasoned professional to help you manage the process. You will need all hands on deck before you arrive and a designated planner to take care of any last minute arrangements. That way, instead of spending hours making phone calls and executive decisions while you sit down for rituals, you have an expert taking care of everything for you.

So start meeting potential partners as soon as you set up your date and flip through their portfolio to understand if your aesthetic matches. Ultimately, it’s essential to trust them as they plan your dream wedding. After all, planning your special day at T is what they are there for.

Set budgets in advance

When it comes to weddings, it’s very easy to go overboard, especially because you want it to be a one-of-a-kind affair. However, it is imperative to set limits and have a financial discussion with your planner from the first meeting so that they are aware of the big picture. At the same time, have a mutual understanding among yourselves of areas that have room for manoeuvre. Let’s say you’re willing to splurge extra on photographers but not decor – this is something the planner should be well aware of.

You don’t need to rely on local suppliers

Although the common notion is that it is best to hire locally available teams, it is not always the best idea. You need to consider the value they bring to the table and base your decision on that.

Explore your wedding destination before the big day

Destination weddings have added glamour, but if you’re completely new to town, the experience can get daunting. To get the most out of your wedding week, take the time to explore the destination beforehand with friends and family. That way, you’ll get a complete idea of ​​the service, ambience, and culinary delights the place has to offer. You can also consider staying a few days after the ceremony to relax in style.

Destination weddings make for beautiful intimate moments

Contrary to popular belief, planning a wedding away from your hometown might actually be easier on your pocket and you can create memories with the people closest to you. If you ask us, this will sound like the full-fledged family vacation you didn’t know you wanted, but really did. What follows is a celebratory gala where lasting memories are created, unbridled conversations and laughter take center stage and happiness reigns.

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