6 places to organize a destination wedding near Dhaka



A destination wedding is a new trend in organizing a wedding ceremony. Simply put, the wedding is organized in the open air. While the name may sound new to many, the idea isn’t new at all. Traditionally, hosting a wedding event meant hosting weddings in a festive open-air atmosphere. Even this kind of arrangement is popular in America and Europe.

Although such weddings have not been seen for many years in Bangladesh, the popularity of destination weddings is slowly increasing among the population. Because an open space in the open is not as beautiful as a closed roof. Anything you want can be done at a destination wedding.

As the place is a little bigger, the stage decoration, lighting, front door can all be made unique and beautiful according to your choice. So, to make your dream wedding a little different from everyone else, you can have a destination wedding.

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However, the idea of ​​a destination wedding is not yet familiar outside of Dhaka. Therefore, we will provide an overview of some destination wedding venues near Dhaka.

Destination wedding venues in Gazipur next to Dhaka

Bhawal Resort & Spa

This aesthetic resort is built on a large 65 acre plot in the Naljani village of Mirzapur union in Baripara, Gazipur, located 45 km from Shahjalal International Airport. Surrounded by greenery, the Bhawal Resort offers peace of mind as well as the opportunity to enjoy life.

For wedding events, they have a banquet hall as well as an open space. The spacious facility accommodates around 150 people overnight. In addition, the resort has 61 day and night villas. The cost of the wedding depends on the date, time and number of guests.

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But in general, the land will cost Tk. 2 50,000 and the cost for the whole complex will be Tk. 12.00,000. Other features include a pool, fitness center, and resort activities. The guest will have access to the open court for cycling, lawn tennis, badminton, billiards, spa and a barbecue night.

Nokkhottrobari Resort and Conference Center

Among the private complexes located in Gazipur, ‘Nakshatrabari’ is one of the most beautiful. From 2011, Nakshatrabari has become a very popular name among nature lovers and travelers. It was built on 14 acres of land with all the amenities for nature lovers.

They offer the complete package for the wedding. They won’t just provide the venue; they also provide decoration and catering services. Nokkhottrobari can accommodate 400 people and the rent for the complex is TK. 300,000. A hundred people can spend the night in sharing.

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Ananda Park and Complex

Ananda Park or Ananda Resort is a well known name in Kaliakair, Gazipur. Ananda Park Resort is located 2 km north of Safipur Bazar on the Dhaka-Tangail Highway. Anyone can easily reach Safipur Bazar on the Dhaka-Tangail Highway by personal transport or passenger bus and from there, guests can easily get to Ananda Resort at Sinabah Bazar.

It is built on 42 acres of land containing various entertainment arrangements. Ananda Park Resort has six cottages to spend the night. In addition, it also has parking as well as 24 hour room service for guests. In addition, it also has a variety of play equipment for young children, a swimming pool, different species of flowers and fruit trees. The rent for the whole complex is Tk. 250,000.

Picnic and shooting spot Apon Bhubon

It is located at Pubail College Gate in Gazipur. You can easily book this place for a picnic, conference and wedding. It has a magnificent suspension bridge over the lake, which is the main attraction for visitors. In addition, it contains various sculptures on its pillars and balconies, which certainly fascinate visitors.

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Greenery all over the area and a bridge in the middle of a huge pond attract more visitors. However, the rent for the wedding or other programs is negotiable, but they have a general flat rate per person, which can cost Tk. 1800. The converter can accommodate approximately 400 guests at a time.

Pushpadum seaside resort

Although it is famous as a picnic spot, anyone can organize a wedding event there as it has a capacity of 1000 seats. In addition, it has studios and cottages for the guests. Pushpadum Resort is located in Bagher Bazar on the Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway in Gazipur District, just 55 km from Dhaka. The resort has a huge range of local and foreign trees.

In addition, it has a few cottages surrounded by flowers. It has man-made lakes, huge playgrounds, swimming pools and fountains. In addition to a proper kitchen and toilet, there is a place where a thousand people can eat at the same time.

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The price of this place is not fixed, it depends on the number of guests and the services you want. Normally they can arrange everything as you want and you can also rent the venue and organize everything as you need.

Angana seaside resort

The resort was named ‘Angana’ because it is a green land of natural beauty located in Surjanarayanpur, Kapasia Thana, Gazipur. This Angana Resort was built in 2004 on 18 acres of rural land. The whole area is protected by high walls, closed circuit cameras and security guards. It has landscaped gardens, swimming pools, ponds and boating facilities in the ponds.

There are also mud houses, a fountain and a swimming pool. This further increases the attractiveness of visitors. In addition to sports facilities for children, the complex can accommodate over 500 people. It has 14 well-equipped and air-conditioned rooms with modern amenities for overnight stays. The cost of the venue is Tk. 70,000- Tk. 85,000 per day.

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So far we have discussed several destination wedding venues near Dhaka. Organizing a destination wedding is hard work. Choose the place, the food menu, organize the vehicles, the invitation, organize the scene, contact the photographers, etc. are heavy tasks. Those who want to do a little better but don’t have a lot of time can call on event management and the wedding planner to arrange everything. Plus, the event organizer can even find you a venue.


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