9 Heavenly Caribbean Wedding Venues to Consider

The Caribbean is perfect dream destination wedding venue with its white sand beaches, clear waters and warm sunny weather. While planning a destination wedding can seem stressful, we’ve got you covered. We reached out to Caribbean wedding planners Tara Hildabrand, Jen Avey and Jamie Chang for insight into wedding planning tips, tricks and advice.

Average Cost of a Caribbean Wedding

“Weddings can range from a private wedding, an intimate ceremony with 10 guests, to a multi-day wedding with multiple events,” says Hildabrand, adding that a good rule of thumb is to budget for $500 to $600 per guest, though she notes every wedding is different.

To get your money’s worth, Avey recommends opting for an all-inclusive package. She says Brides“Don’t forget to also look for complimentary honeymoon packages (which many resorts offer to couples who are getting married locally), so you can enjoy a few extra days of newlywed bliss after the big day! ”

Best time for a wedding in the Caribbean

“The winter months around the holidays are always the most popular because the weather is so nice and warm compared to almost anywhere else,” says Chang. However, the winter months are also the most expensive, which can be prohibitively expensive. “A good time to go that balances weather and price is spring,” she says.

With that in mind, Chang recommends avoiding hurricane season (June through November). “Although hurricane season is cheaper, you’ll be taking a big risk with your wedding and the weather isn’t as nice.”

Caribbean Wedding Planning Tips

“With so many Caribbean islands and location options to choose from, it can seem hard to know where to start,” admits Avey. To help ease the extra stress, Avey recommends sitting down with your future spouse and making a list of priorities. Plus, it’ll help you and your partner stay on the same page to “guide you through some decisions that need to be made along the way.” In order to come up with your ideal vision, you need to decide what type of place to look for (family-friendly or adults-only). Next, determine where you would like your ceremony and reception to take place. On the beach? A roof ? A lush waterfall? “All of these details will help you narrow down the perfect frame,” she says Brides.

From the beautiful Bahamas to the dreamy Dominican Republic, read on for some of our favorite Caribbean wedding venues.

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