A Parent Upset About Their Niece Who Planned a Destination Wedding on a Sunday Night Told Her About It, and the Internet Didn’t Care

As you know, the road to hell is paved almost exclusively with good intentions, and if someone demands something from you, motivating their request only by caring for others, they are likely trying to manipulate you. . Especially if it’s older parents, who of course always know best how to do the right thing in any situation.

More often than not, this concern for the welfare of others is based on ordinary personal motives. But after all, people are ashamed to appear selfish, so they cleverly disguise their selfishness under caution. But it is enough not to follow their example, because this mask immediately flies off and a usual selfish person appears.

As, for example, it was in the situation described in this post in the AITA Reddit community, which garnered approximately 7.3,000 upvotes and over 1.5,000 diverse responses. Remarkably, the author of the original post was precisely the manipulator, who couldn’t even figure out why he was wrong, after all.

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The original poster was invited to their niece’s destination wedding which was to take place on Sunday

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So here’s how it was. The niece in the original poster has invited all her friends and relatives to her destination wedding, which was to take place about three hours from the town where the OP lives. The problem, from the PO’s perspective, was that the wedding was scheduled for Sunday – so they would have to skip work the next day.

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The OP wasn’t happy to skip work the next day so they said “no”

The OP admits that they would not like to take time off from work at all, so they decided to ask the opinion of their relatives. The PO’s son and his girlfriend both said they would go anyway – although the PO begged them to refuse, saying the niece was doing everything wrong and it would just be a waste of money.

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The son just said he would take a day off from work, but the OP didn’t like that. They said no, but they couldn’t resist emailing the bride saying it was completely wrong and disrespectful for her guests to plan a wedding at a time and place. also inappropriate.

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During a phone call, the PO tried to convince their niece to postpone the ceremony

The niece called the PO and apologized for the inconvenience, and also asked if they were sure they couldn’t attend the ceremony. The PO, apparently, felt weak and began to demand that she postpone the wedding. The niece, in response, said it was a special date for her and her fiancé so they are not going to change anything anyway – although they understand it will be rather awkward for some guests to come .

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In response, the OP claimed that the niece just doesn’t respect any of the guests and parents, that she and the groom will end up having no more than ten guests at their ceremony, so that’s actually outrageous, because the girl neglects the comfort and convenience of her guests due to her special little date.

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The relatives ended up with an argument because the PO behaved like an authorized person

Of course, the bride could not stand such a turn of events. She, in angry and sometimes sweary words, said it was just a matter for her and her fiancé – and since the PO refused to come, so let them sit at home and not interfere with their judgments.

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Everyone, even the PO’s own son, supported the bride and told the PO they crossed the line

Now it was the PO’s turn to get angry – they called their sister and complained about her daughter’s rudeness. True, even here not everything went as planned by the OP, because the sister fully supported her daughter. Moreover, the OP’s son also said that they crossed the line and acted like a real jerk.

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Reviewers unanimously noted that it’s none of the OP’s business, so they just need to get over themselves

Of course, the OP wasn’t supported by the people in the comments either. They almost unanimously noted that this was their niece’s wedding and she was just making her own rules. If the PO has already refused to attend the ceremony, it will not affect their life in any way. So they just need to recover from themselves and be better.

One of the commentators said they also celebrated their wedding on Sunday. First, it’s cheaper, and second, because they’re Jewish, they couldn’t get married on Saturdays. So basically it’s none of the OP’s business anyway, and all they can do in this situation is send their regrets and just move on instead of being completely authoritative and manipulative.

We’re pretty sure you already have an opinion on this tale, so let us know in the comments as soon as you can. And if you also had to deal with entitled parents, just let us know how it went and how it all ended.

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