A thousand couples get married in a mass wedding ceremony in Lakhimpur

North Lakhimpur: About 1,000 couples were married in a mass wedding ceremony in northern Lakhimpur in Assam.

Marriages were celebrated according to traditional religious customs.

The mass wedding ceremony was organized by the Vivah Sanskar Samity, Lakhimpur in association with the Hans Foundation, New Delhi.

A massive pandal has been erected at Tyagkshetra in northern Lakhimpur, where 1004 couples, mostly married for years without any social ritual or recognition, ceremonially tied their nuptial knots.

The ceremony included Vedic (Homa Yajna) of 560 with a total Yajna Kunda of 84 and 122 Patha.

The couples who got married in today’s ceremony included 244 from the Shalita (Miching tribe) and 78 from the Bhakatia (Sonwal tribe and others).

All couples were married at the designated place at the same time.

The mass wedding ceremony was attended by Mata Shri Mangla Ji and Bhole Ji Maharaj, two eminent spiritual leaders from Uttarakhand as chief guests.

Farhana Ahmed is now the North East Correspondent in North Lakhimpur. She can be contacted at: [email protected] More by Farhana Ahmed

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