Brittany Matthews Reveals the TRUTH Behind Her Amazing 2022 Destination Wedding

Brittany Matthews recently spoke about her and the NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomesdecision to have a destination wedding.

Take from instagram, the 26-year-old personal trainer asked his followers questions. Unsurprisingly, many fans wanted to know more about her wedding, which took place last month in Hawaii. Matthews explained that the decision to have a wedding in a tropical destination was based on a desire for isolation and the fact that the couple really enjoy vacationing in Maui.

Explaining that Maui was their first couple’s vacation spot, the newly married woman shared “we’ve loved it ever since! The weather and the views are just perfect there! I wanted a place where people couldn’t just hang out. ‘stop for lol,’ she continued.

Additionally, the fitness enthusiast revealed the flavor of the cake chosen by the couple. Instead of choosing just one flavor, there were three amazing flavors for guests to choose from. “Carrot cake, red velvet and her cake was cookies and cream,” she replied after an anonymous Instagram user asked about the flavors of the cakes.

Brittany Matthews/Instagram

Matthews and Mahomes have been patiently waiting for their big day for a while now — they’ve been together since high school and announced their engagement in 2020 after the Kansas City Chiefs claimed Super Bowl LIV. However, when the couple announced they were expecting a child, they made the decision to put off wedding plans until their daughter was born.

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Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes on their one-year-old daughter’s work at their wedding

The wedding, which took place in March, was a beautiful beachside ceremony that was seen only by the longtime couple’s closest family and friends. Plus, they gave their one-year-old daughter, Sterling Skye, the sweetest job at the wedding: florist.

Brittany Matthews Reveals the TRUTH Behind Her Amazing 2022 Destination Wedding - Brittany Matthews recently opened up about her and NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes' decision to have a destination wedding.
Brittany Matthews/Instagram

“Have your daughter [a part] of your wedding is just different,” Matthews said after the wedding.

And, the plan to have their daughter have a major role in the wedding has been a long time coming. Since the first conversation about Sterling being a bridesmaid took place in July, it’s been clear the couple have been considering bringing their daughter into the wedding for months.

“I think she’ll be a little over a year old by the time of the wedding… so hopefully she can be the bridesmaid and be able to walk by then and do all that cool stuff,” Mahomes shared in July. “She will be part of the wedding no matter what.”

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