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Planned to get married at a big party in Rome next year, Andrea Albani and Camille Lhuillier have decided to get married in Manila

NUDING Albani had been together for almost three years before getting married

A fortuitous day in 2017, Camille Lhuillier was requested by his brother, the Philippine Consul General for San Marino Jean-Henri, to take his friend for a drink. International businessman Andrea Albani was only in Manila for a few days and Jean Henri thought his sister was an excellent candidate to take him out since they were in the same age group. “We hit it off right away,” says Camille, who revealed that Andrea wanted to go on a date as soon as he could get back to Manila.

From meeting to proposal

Dating from a distance can be quite a challenge, but the two have been able to strengthen their relationship through frequent travel. Andrea was based in Asia during their first year as a couple, which allowed them to explore countries in the region such as Vietnam and Indonesia. Their second year brought him back to his home country, San Marino, but he found a way to stay closer to Camille with a job in Hong Kong.

A man respectful of tradition, Andrea asked Camille’s parents for permission last December if he could marry their daughter. “But he hasn’t asked me yet. My parents were already sharing the good news that we were engaged. People would ask me if he had already proposed, but he didn’t, ”says Camille. “People were confused because we were already booking wedding suppliers. We even chose a date, and no proposal for the moment.

It wasn’t until they traveled to Rome last February to meet his parents and research places he offered. “He surprised me in Rome where I grew up, and he proposed with his mother’s ring which was quite beautiful.”

The pandemic has broken out

Soon after, the Covid-19 epidemic occurred. Camille breathed a sigh of relief that Andrea was able to book an early flight from Italy to Manila before the lockdown was announced. Another fateful gesture that kept her then-fiancé by her side throughout this pandemic. “We have been living together in an apartment since his arrival last March, just before confinement. My parents are really grateful that I am not alone. The fact that he’s with me is just a big help. We planned to move into our new home in October, the same month as our first marriage, ”she adds.

Around May, the couple decided to move their wedding which was due to take place in October in Rome. “We talked about the situation and were always optimistic that there was a vaccine, but we didn’t know it would be that bad. My parents are older so just to be sure we have moved our wedding to May next year, ”explains Camille who added that October was too early to get on the plane. “We just want to make sure it was safe for everyone.”

To marry

SEALED WITH A KISS A festive union for the newlyweds

After a month and a half, they decided to go through with their civil marriage. “We were afraid that if it got worse here, we wouldn’t be able to celebrate,” says Camille, who thanks her father for giving value to traditions and for supporting the idea of ​​having a civil marriage. When asked if they had encountered any obstacles on the road, “the civilian demands were really high. It was difficult to do everything offline, including a family planning seminar in Tagalog that lasted four hours. It was difficult for him because he didn’t speak Filipino.

Once they received the papers, planning the civil wedding only took two weeks. As General Manager of the Palacio de Memoria, it was only natural that they got married in this beautifully restored pre-war mansion. Its ground floor was their favorite spot, which features a grand staircase, a stunning Murano chandelier, and terrazzo flooring by the national artist. Juan Nakpil.

FLOWERING ALL THE WAY Palacio de Memoria was filled with beautiful white and peach flowers by Lille Feast by Gideon Hermosa by the House of Hermosa team.

The next task she did was to book a fitting with the designer. Mark Bumgarner. “He’s really amazing. We only had a short conversation and he got exactly what I wanted: a vintage-style midi dress, which was very different from my wedding dress for next year. She also added that the whole team was dressed in PPE (personal protective equipment) and wore gloves and masks, even carried out rapid tests to reassure her. Gideon Hermosa was also her favorite florist. A quick phone conversation gave the stylist a helping hand with the decor, with his team Lille Feast by House of Hermosa at the Palacio de Memoria to furnish the venue, filling the place with beautiful peonies and white and pink roses. They even brought their own medical team to perform rapid tests that day. Photographer Oly Ruiz and video providers Jason Magbanuaare the same for next year, so it was an easy reservation to finalize.

Safe and personal

As for the coordinator, she hastened to answer: “None, it was just me! With only 18 family members as guests, Camille chose to make it more personal as the host that day. She also made sure everyone felt safe that day: “We all wore masks and the seats were socially remote. Everyone also underwent rapid tests before entering the site. We also had a setup where they would disinfect with alcohol and other standard protocols. “

Although she had lived together before this celebration, Camille was still a giddy bride as she walked down the stairs. It was his favorite moment: “When Andrea first saw me, and as I looked him in the eye, I felt so happy thinking, ‘This is the man I will spend the night with. rest of my life. ‘”There was a well of overwhelming emotions that day. “We weren’t fortunate enough to be with my family during the entire lockdown period and even after the ECQ. This wedding celebration was a time to bring everyone together.

Best decision ever

Looking back, they were happy to have completed the civil wedding on July 15. to marry)? Let’s make (our marriage) legal this year and celebrate something special. I think this is very important as a “coup” bride. There’s that feeling of pretty great sadness, because you expect your big day to come at a certain time, you plan it for a year, and it doesn’t.

OLD ROMANTIC The bride wore a classic dress by designer Mark Bumgarner

She admits that as a bride, she never had the opportunity to experience any of the festivities to feel like a bride, such as bridal showers and bridal parties. But then they were already planning to build a house together. “We also wanted to give ourselves a party. It was good for us to bring people together and celebrate ourselves. Next year’s wedding will be about family and friends. This civil marriage was all about enjoying the blessings of being together. Her heart goes out to all brides this year: “It’s frustrating planning your wedding for so long and winning. I think having civil marriage is a good way to reclaim the power that this year has taken away from brides. Let’s put some happiness and celebration into it.



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