City council approves “mass marriage” ordinance


COUPLES living in Cebu City who are not yet married won’t have to worry about spending on an expensive wedding.

This is after Cebu City Council institutionalized the city’s annual mass wedding activity through an ordinance drafted by City Councilor Lea Japson.

The ordinance was promulgated during the ordinary session of the Council on Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

The City has been initiating the program for unmarried couples since 2007.

Japson said that to date, around 1,200 couples have already benefited from the program. Those who can benefit from the program are couples registered on the Cebu City electoral rolls who are unable to meet the cost of marriage and unmarried couples who have lived together for at least five years.

Applicants must register personally with the Cebu City Women and Family Affairs Commission (WFACO) office and submit an application form, birth certificate, residence certificate, barangay authorization and attestation of the reader.

They must also present a certificate of non-marriage (Cenomar).

The other requirements are the baptismal certificate and the confirmation certificate.

The ordinance strictly ensures that applicants or couples must be 23 years of age and over.

Each year, WFACO will select 100 grantees based on the order of the full requirements submitted.

The City will provide couples with a full lechon which will be handed over after the wedding.

The city will also cover the couple’s notarized fees for all affidavits required for the marriage application, church fees including officer’s allowance, marriage seminar, marriage license application, and counseling. before the wedding, and couples will be reimbursed for their payment from Cenomar. on presentation of an official receipt duly issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority.

The Department of Social Services, WFACO, the City Registry and the City Legal Office are the offices responsible for formulating the rules and regulations for implementing the ordinance. (JJL)

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