Civil wedding outfits for the unconventional bride


Most couples choose to marry civilly because current regulations prohibit mass gatherings. Most weddings are now streamed online so that their friends and relatives can witness the couple’s union while staying at home.

While these ceremonies are considered simple, it doesn’t mean the bride can’t wear fabulous outfits. The great thing about civil weddings is that you don’t expect her to wear an extravagant white dress. The bride can put on her favorite outfit, be it a t-shirt, mini dress, or even an LBD. If you are also planning to get married right in front of a judge, you can try one of these winning style formulas below.

  1. Silky LBD

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  2. White fluid tube top + jeans + sneakers

  3. Puff sleeve top + white midi skirt

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  4. Red pleated dress + animal print heels

  5. White jumpsuit + white strappy heels

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  6. Nude body + colorful skirt suit

  7. White off-the-shoulder top + white flared pants

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  8. Long asymmetric pink dress + red heels

  9. Bright white polo shirt + straight cut jeans + leather belt + strappy heels

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  10. Little white dress + androgynous sandals

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