CM Mamata Banerjee dances with tribal women during mass wedding ceremony in Alipurduar North Bengal Viral video

A video of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee dancing with a group of tribal women went viral on Wednesday. Mamata Banerjee, who is on a three-day visit to Alipurduar in North Bengal, participated in a mass wedding ceremony and blessed the newly married couples.

Video of Mamata Banerjee’s dance was shared on the official Trinamool Congress Facebook page. In the video, Banerjee is seen giving the couples gifts and blessing them. She then joins a group of tribal women for a dance performance as an adivasi song plays in the background.

In a tweet, the TMC said, “During a mass wedding program in Alipurduar, Mamata Banerjee blessed the young couples. Being part of the magnificent ceremony, she wholeheartedly celebrated and expressed her desire to see our Adivasi siblings reach great heights of success.”

Also last year, Mamata Banerjee was seen performing a tribal dance and playing drums in Jhargram during an event commemorating World Tribes Day. Banerjee, who had donned tribal outfits over her sari, was seen dancing to the rhythms of the jhumur, a hand instrument used by tribes in West Bengal, and the dhamsa, a specific type of drum.

Speaking at the Alipurduar event on Wednesday, the TMC supremo, taking a swipe at the Center, said ordinary people were being deceived by promises such as the creation of separate states and various social welfare schemes before the elections. “But these never materialize later,” PTI quoted Mamata as saying.

Banerjee also said people were suffering due to the “daily price hike” of commodities. “Today, have you seen how much petrol prices have been increased? Where is the ‘Ujjawala’ program? It has disappeared into thin air. Again, when the elections are held, they will promise you to create a separate state, another ‘Ujjawala’ program or purchase of tea gardens,” Bengal CM said.

“They’re talking big before the election. And look at what’s happening now, the current state of the country and how rising prices are affecting ordinary people,” Banerjee said.

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