Driving to your wedding “Destination”: Chef Arun Sundararaj


According to Arun Sundararaj, executive chef of the Taj Mahal, New Delhi, people are likely to consider hosting destination weddings at “destinations” within reasonable distances of them. He explained in more detail during the recent BW HOTELIER WebBlast: “The future of my plate”.

The big fat Indian wedding did not go on a diet! The weddings continued as a lot of people over the past three months had zoom weddings. Now the time has come to continue the celebrations in numbers, even if twice.

Chief Arun Sundararaj said, “Of course the scale has changed, it has become smaller. What we really need to do is realign our business model to look at the small as well as the new big. There are still people, parents who would like a large sprawl to accommodate a lot of people. There is a simple solution to this if you want to have a 100 place setting wedding then you are doing it twice. You make 50 blankets today and 50 blankets tomorrow. Commercial catering teams must now innovate.

Executive Chef at Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi – Chef Sundararaj was speaking at the recent BW HOTELIER Breaking The Pandemic WebBlast: “The Future of My Plate”.

He added that India has a huge number of departures, that people have gone to Thailand, to Phuket for destination weddings, so far it has stopped. This is the time when we can convert this part of the business to the Indian market. For weddings, there should be a desirable location where people can just drive. So, for example, if one stays in Delhi, one will probably have a wedding in Corbett, or a wedding in Jaipur because it is within a practicable distance.

He concluded by saying that hotels are opening in Gurgaon and it can be seen that clients who have postponed or advanced their wedding are now considering having celebrations in small segments, having a wedding of 50 place settings in one room. .

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