Everything you need to know about the “reverse destination” wedding trend

A wedding is a big day for a bride. She dreams of a wedding that would take place outdoors – in a flower garden adorned with beautiful lights. She poses for photos with her loved one as loved ones shared her joy. Getting married under the vault of heaven is what beautiful weddings are made of. Surrounded by friends and relatives – some in person while others attended the ceremony on Zoom. Beautiful flowers and lighting added to the ambiance and guess what? The wedding took place on the balcony of the bride’s house. So welcome to weddings in the age of the pandemic!

Reverse destination weddings? Indeed!

Marriages are made in heaven but marriages are orchestrated on earth. A wedding requires immense planning and the location is the most important. Instead of expensive weddings in faraway destinations, couples are choosing to get married in unassuming places – the backyards of their own homes, patios, balconies, and even restaurants. Young couples aim to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event with their closest family and friends, instead of inviting half the village!

We are in the middle of the third wave of the pandemic, but it was a long time ago (about 6 months after the 1st wave started) when we realized that the situation was not going to change anytime soon. Many weddings were pushed back to a later date, but not everyone could wait. Many couples have still decided to take the plunge. Additionally, the loneliness of constant lockdowns has encouraged couples to wed. With no other option, most have decided to settle for small business. Couples began exchanging vows at intimate receptions in their own home gardens or outdoor restaurants. What started as a means to an end quickly became a trend.

There is nothing better than organizing your intimate wedding at home. Can you imagine a better place than your own home to do your hair on your big day, especially in these times when safety and hygiene are big concerns? And it’s logistically stress-free – no remote locations or large guest lists to manage! Intimate weddings can be as beautiful and exotic as grand weddings. Artistic backdrop, antique accessories with color infusions like burnt orange, purple and gold flowers are often seen at home weddings. From large venues like grounds, halls, and beaches, young couples have moved on to decorating balconies, front yards, and patios.

This pandemic has made us realize many things. People have realized that the money saved from reverse destination weddings can be used for future travel plans and better homes. It’s an eye opener to many that when you have a beautiful setting, it doesn’t matter where the wedding takes place, as long as it’s well planned and artistically designed! The virtue of such marriages is that they leave room for more attention to detail, as things are pared down. Which means – a lot if things can be customized. One could have personalized napkins and little cards with the names of the guests on the table and the whole thing becomes more fun. Today’s wedding planners and stylists are flaunting much more novelty in design than ever before and reverse destination weddings actually allow us to showcase our work in more detail and fun.

And for the first time in the history of Indian marriages, the couples seem carefree, the parents more relaxed. Great weddings are demanding. They require months of planning. Parents of the bride and groom often seem frazzled and jaded at destination weddings because there’s so much to deal with. In fact, a small wedding is an opportunity to create an extremely intimate and personalized experience. This is true if you choose to have a small wedding on purpose too. Not only can smaller weddings save you money, carbon emissions, and stress, but they’ll also allow you to socialize more with your guests.

Couples are more focused on how to make their special day even more special, which means spending more on exotic flowers, sophisticated decor, and more upscale gifts to keep everyone happy. There is also a shift in the vibrational energy of people and places. The energy of the couple and their parents indeed influences the spirit of the whole affair. To maintain the high vibration, one must be stress-free. The answer in today’s day and time is – a reverse destination wedding. After all, the bride had always dreamed of a romantic wedding and a pandemic should not deprive her of this dream.

Popular destinations over the past year and a half have been home gardens, lawns and patios. These spaces can be pretty even on a sunny day! One can design the space with colorful curtains for a cheerful look. for example – red fabric with bright flowers. We can have delicate monochrome fabric canopies for a sophisticated look.

For example, cream-colored curtains, a touch of gold and soft-glow LED candles that stay lit even when it’s windy. Another popular choice has been quaint resorts or small outdoor restaurants where social distancing can be easily practiced.

From what we can tell, this trend is here to stay.

So where are you getting married this summer? Your rustic porch looks like a great place!

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Posted: Sunday January 16th 2022, 05:17 IST

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