Fair City’s Ryan Andrews plans two honeymoons after wedding to fiancée Michaela O’Neill in dream destination

Ryan Andrews is set to wed his beautiful fiancée Michaela O’Neill on the Spanish island of Mallorca in July 2023.

As the couple make their wedding plans this side of Christmas – with Ryan admitting the wedding seems so much closer now that it’s officially “next year” – the couple consider how they would like to spend their firsts weeks as a happily married couple.

Ryan said RSVP inhabit that he and his fiancée, who have been together since they were just 15, plan to take two honeymoons to make the most of the consequences of their marriage.

Ryan Andrews and Michaela O’Neill

The couple are in no rush with their wedding plans, with Ryan explaining that the couple want to make the wedding as suited to their personalities as possible and carefully choose different aspects of the experience as they go.

However, Ryan shared that he and Michaela, who is a schoolteacher, hope to make the most of their overseas location for the wedding.

“We’re thinking of two honeymoons – one right after because we’ll be on the island of Majorca so whether it’s a short flight to another destination…we won’t be staying on the island but we could do a cruise around the Mediterranean, fly around the Mediterranean for a week or ten days.

Then later at the end of the summer there will probably be another bigger destination as well.”

Michaela and Ryan are keeping their exact wedding location a secret until the big day is much closer, but Michaela previously told RSVP Live that she found the venue via Instagram in 2019 and saved a photo of it.

Now that the couple have much of the planning booked, they move on to menus, entertainment and the grooms and groomsmen’s wardrobes.

Now that the wedding is next year, Ryan shared that the excitement is building, although the process can be daunting at times.

Ryan Andrews proposed to his longtime girlfriend Michaela O'Neill
Ryan Andrews proposed to his longtime girlfriend Michaela O’Neill

“The first thing when we rang for the new year, we were with my mum and dad, and then Michaela said, ‘it’s officially next year!’ and it’s really exciting,” he said. -he declares.

“The engagement was in August and it was a big buzz, it was awesome, and then you kind of come back to reality.”

“In October we left, we saw the venue, we picked it, it was a big buzz, then it was Christmas, but now it’s time to start picking things out.

It’s exciting but it can be a bit daunting at times to be honest, because you’re trying to make decisions for us, for everyone, and you also want to choose the right things.”

“So it’s daunting at times but very enjoyable, and that’s what I think the engagement process is about, it’s about enjoying every step of the way and not rushing things as well.”

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