First look at Married at First Sight, UK’s historic same-sex marriage teases trouble at the altar


Married to First Sight UK gave a glimpse of her very first same-sex newlyweds, though it looks like there may already be issues for the couple.

The “Social Experience” reality series sees couples paired by experts meet for the very first time on their wedding day.

As they navigate married life each week, couples must decide whether they want to continue the experience or go their separate ways.

The sixth series of Married to First Sight UK spear Monday (August 30) and is should feature the very first same sex couple in the UK version of the global franchise.

They will be presented at the show on Tuesday (August 31), but in a first glimpse of their wedding day there seems to be some brewing issues.

Daniel, 27, and Matt, 39, were featured on their ‘scary’ wedding day, but a problem appeared to arise when they noticed their 11-year age gap.

However, the two said they were thrilled to be part of the show’s first gay couple.

According to The mirror, Daniel said, “It’s amazing to be half of the first gay couple. Same-sex marriage has only recently been legalized in Northern Ireland, which is absolutely shocking.

“Now that I can share my relationship with the world, I find it so important. “

Married to First Sight UK is broadcast on E4 from Sunday to Thursday at 9 p.m.

Married to First Sight, a British expert says it is “one of the most diverse shows of the love genre”

Before the premiere of the sixth series, Married at first sight pundits Melanie Schilling and Paul C Brunson discussed the show’s diversity with Metro.

Introducing a same-sex couple, Schilling insisted that inclusiveness was “important”, and said, “It’s a big deal and I push it every season.
You are just going to love every moment of their trip.

Brunson said he thought this series of Married at first sight United Kingdom “Could be one of the most diverse shows in the love genre,” and added, “It’s incredibly diverse, and it’s a great reflection of what the world is like today. really cool!”

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