Friend invited to super expensive destination wedding no plus-one

A disgruntled wedding guest took to Reddit to express his frustration with a bride who planned a lavish destination wedding.

Reddit user took to the platform”Marriage Humiliation” page to express their frustrations and ask for advice on the situation.

Describing the background, they explain that they were invited to a destination wedding in a place “where the rich and famous like to go”.

“The location is over 10 hours away, and with so many trips to the location, [it] would basically be a vacation,” the author shared.

In addition to the long travel time, the author mentions that they also did not receive a plus-one for the wedding. While they understand plus-ones aren’t a given, the bride and groom know their partner personally, who they’ve been with for nearly a decade.

The author goes on to explain that because the couple getting married are the friend of friends, they won’t know anyone else who will attend the wedding. Moreover, the cost for them to attend the wedding alone is exorbitant.

“The main suggested hotel listed is over $1000 a night. The [are] activities as well, and they have stay limits. The “cheaper” hotels they listed aren’t much cheaper. I couldn’t find anything in the area that I could afford,” the author noted.

However, the bride was less understanding when they explained their inability to attend the wedding.

“When I told the bride that I probably wasn’t going to attend because of the cost and that I was sorry and wished them a good time, she basically said, ‘Well, you have already been abroad, so you can afford it. It’s affordable. You better come to my wedding. [She] was like almost threatening me and started asking weird questions about my financial situation,” the author explained.

Stunned by the bride’s response, the author listed the lavish expenses.

“[It will] it probably cost me $5,000 to [attend] the wedding with nearby hotels, plane tickets, transportation, food, etc., and I’m not even at the wedding. I won’t be allowed to have my partner there, too. I have never spent so much on anything in my life. I grew up lower middle class, and this is honestly just shocking to me.

The author ends his article by sadly realizing that he is losing a friend while acknowledging that he is afraid to officially answer “No”.

Reddit users were quick to assure the post’s author that many other guests are likely in the same boat.

“You will certainly not be the only person to refuse for financial reasons. She is going to be faced with reality,” one user commented.

“You should pay me $5,000 to sit on a plane for 10 hours to attend a wedding,” one Redditor joked.

The resounding consensus among Redditors was that real friends don’t give ultimatums like that, and the author better spend $5,000 on a trip for them and their partner.

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