Happy FM launches the 16th edition of Mass Wedding



Happy FM launches the 16th edition of Mass Wedding

Accra-based radio station Happy 98.9FM has launched the 16th edition of the Happy FM Mass Wedding which is slated for Valentine’s Day next year (February 14, 2022).

Speaking at the launch which took place at eTV Ghana studios on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, Global Media Alliance Managing Director Mr. Ernest Boateng said that over the past 15 years, Happy FM had fulfilled his social responsibility. helping many couples achieve their dream of a happy and dignified marriage.

He revealed that in the 16th edition, couples will benefit more as the station will feature helpful tips on how couples can save for the future as they begin their life together.

“To improve the lives of newly married couples, we’ll share some investment tips; In addition, the couple who show a good understanding of investing will gain an investment package, ”he said.

He noted that Happy FM will play the role of family to the bride and groom by supporting them with advice, gifts, money, reception throughout the registration process to validate the marriage of couples according to law and in the eyes of the Lord. .

A member of Happy FM’s mass wedding planning team, Mr. Nyansa Boakwa encouraged couples and churches to allow their members to join in the ceremony.

He added that there were a lot of benefits these couples could gain from this happy occasion.

“Couples don’t have to spend that much on the registration process. With a sum of GH 500.00 ₵ as an engagement fee, couples can join the Happy Mass Wedding train to have their wedding sponsored, ”he added.

Prospective couples are required to collect the forms at the reception of any branch of the Global Media Alliance Broadcasting Corporation (Happy FM, e .TV Ghana at Asylum Down or YFM, Accra Mall) to participate in the mass wedding.

The team thanked Aliqua Home of Fashion, Nkulenu Foods, Cleaver House, National Theater, 2nd Image and Perception Management International, among others, for attending the upcoming Happy FM Valentine Mass Wedding.

About the Happy FM Mass Wedding

The Happy FM Mass Wedding is a community investment initiative designed to help couples come together in a holy marriage.

The radio takes on the role of family and friends by mobilizing and providing all the resources needed to organize the wedding ceremony of these couples.


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