Hindu couples from Sindh and Balochistan get married in mass wedding ceremony



Dressed in colorful clothes and adorned with traditional handmade garlands, dozens of Hindu couples from different parts of Sindh and Balochistan were married in a mass wedding ceremony in Karachi on Sunday.

The Hindu Council of Pakistan (PHC) had organized the program at the railway land located along the II Chundrigar Road. PHC founder Ramesh Kumar Vankwani and other executives welcomed visitors to the event.

The first event, which took place in 2008, saw 35 couples get married around that time. This figure has grown to 100 over the years.

“This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have only invited half of them to the ceremony,” said Vankwani, who is also a Pakistani MP for Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Organizers had made arrangements to provide face masks and hand sanitizers to program participants, while social distancing was also respected.

Vankwani said it was a cultural activity for the Hindu community which represents nine million of the Pakistani population.

“The event also sends the message to the world that our minority communities are completely free to organize their social events in accordance with their religion.”

He said that in these particularly difficult times, it is not easy for parents, most of whom are very poor, to marry their children.

“One hundred couples were chosen from those who applied after examination,” he said. To this end, he explained, nominations are solicited from community members through district PHC units a few months before the ceremony.

The PHC committee then reviews the applications, shortlisting the most deserving applicants. Those selected are then required to provide copies of their identity cards and other documents for this purpose.

Participants at the event said that the PHC is helping alleviate the problems of the Hindu community in Pakistan as many families cannot afford to marry their children.

“We always wanted a big event for our children’s wedding, but we could never afford the expense,” said Ganesh, the father of a bride named Radha. “The PHC provided us with an opportunity. “


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