How to Break into Destination Wedding Videography

For filmmakers who love sharing wedding stories as much as they love traveling the world, destination wedding videography seems like the perfect job. You don’t just to have travel — you get paid to travel. And often in some of the most scenic and beautiful places in the world.

Of course, this kind of travel and movie dream job may seem too good to be true – or so out of reach that you won’t even get a kick out of it. But not only is destination wedding videography possible; with hard work, it’s totally doable. We spoke to a creative husband and wife duo who turned that dream into reality: Veiled in Motion.

Valery and Mark DerHovanessian, the brains behind Veiled in motion, travel the world capturing breathtaking wedding videos. Take this adventure wedding in Iceland. Where scenic wedding in Haleakala National Park. And don’t miss it snowy wedding in vermont for all the hygge sensations.

Photo by Valery and Mark DerHovanessian

The Boston-based team at DerHovanessian didn’t just wake up one day and start filming breathtaking Icelandic ceremonies. They have worked tirelessly for years, mixing a mix of home and away weddings to make this dream career work.

We spoke with Valery DerHovanessian to hear their story, specifically to get his advice on how to help you take the leap into destination wedding videography.

Introduction to wedding videography

The DerHovanessians first got into wedding videography in college. They went to school for film and video production, Valery’s first gig out of college working for a small corporate and wedding video production company.

“That’s how we met!” Valery recalls when she and Mark were first introduced. “We were the video editors for the wedding department and shared the same office to edit wedding videos next to each other.”

They started dating, quit their jobs, combined their talents and passions, and embarked on their own career in wedding videography.

Screenshot from Veiled in Motion video

Breaking into Destination Wedding Videography

Their desire to start a destination wedding videography business stemmed from a love of travel. “We’ve always loved to travel, so we knew right away that we would try to incorporate that into our business,” Valery said. “Our first official year in business, we had the opportunity to film two destination elopements in Iceland. The following year, we booked a wedding in Hawaii and four other weddings in Iceland.

Screenshot from Veiled in Motion video

The more the name Veiled in Motion spread, the more this dream became a reality. “We have now filmed eight weddings in Iceland and more will be booked in the future,” Valery said. “We’re also excited to shoot an Arizona wedding this year in the middle of the desert.”

Valery has some advice for those looking to follow a similar career path. “Experience is key,” she said. “Even if you have a strong film background, filming live events is a whole different ballgame.”

She recommends gaining experience by jumping headfirst. “If a friend or family member is getting married, it doesn’t hurt to ask them if you can film the event for the experience and to start your portfolio. If your work is good, more people will want to hire you.

Tips for a Flawless Destination Wedding Video Shoot

Wedding days themselves bring all sorts of potential issues – from late arrivals to bad weather, on top of all those wedding day nerves. But, add the unpredictability of travel to the equation, and destination wedding videography can seem even more stressful.

“The very act of traveling for a destination wedding is probably the biggest struggle,” Valery said. “Travel with all your gear, make sure your flight is on time – all of that.”

Screenshot from Veiled in Motion video

DerHovanessians have experienced many travel annoyances first hand. “We once booked a flight to Iceland during a Nor’easter here in Boston,” Valery said. “It was like a guessing game to see if our flight would be canceled or not. I remember frantically calling the airline in a panic, but luckily we were able to change our flight for the next day without any impact on the planning for travel delays is definitely a must, especially for international weddings.

Long story short: Allow extra time and be prepared for the impossible, especially with the unpredictability of travel during the pandemic.

Consider Videography a Destination Wedding

A trend that Valery notices in the world of destination weddings? Destination elopements – something you should consider marketing yourself if this creative travel work piques your interest.

Screenshot from Veiled in Motion video

“I think the pandemic has definitely encouraged more couples to abandon their traditional wedding plans to get married in cool places with just the two of them or their loved ones,” she said.

Get your gear ready for destination wedding videography

Packing for your own personal trip is tricky enough. Add your wedding video gear to the mix and wow, that suitcase is filling up. Valery shared with us some of his best packaging tips for wedding videography. Biggest pointer? Pack the light.

“Check with the airline about their carry-on baggage policies,” she said. “We try to be as minimal as possible when traveling with our destination wedding gear, and we don’t check our bags. Everything we need for filming goes on the plane with us.

Screenshot from Veiled in Motion video

Remember – This is a Business Priority

Valery’s final tip for aspiring destination wedding videographers is to know your worth. Don’t let the glitz and glamor of travel distract you from your long-term career goals.

“Don’t underestimate your job just because you want to travel to certain destinations,” she said. “The more you stand up for yourself and prove your worth, the better prepared you are for a long career filled with travel (and passion).”

Destination Wedding Videography Equipment

Must-have wedding videography equipment from Veiled in Motion includes:

For more wedding videography inspiration, be sure to check out our four simple tips to improve your wedding content.

Stephanie Vermilion

Stephanie Vermilion

Stephanie Vermillion is a wedding, documentary and small business director covering the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area, as well as a travel and lifestyle journalist covering a variety of topics around the world . Combining Stephanie’s interests in storytelling, love, wildlife, travel and media, Stephanie Vermillion Studio was built from the ground up in her one-bedroom apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey. Stephanie’s writing and photography has appeared in outlets like Mental Floss and Elite Daily, and her filmmaking includes everything from East Coast weddings to films raising awareness of wildlife conservation around the world.

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