How to pamper your guests at a destination wedding

How to pamper your guests at a destination wedding

May 13, 2022, 3:17 p.m.
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Be the perfect host for your wedding guests.

If everything is decided for your destination wedding – venue, guest list, bridal trousseau, food, etc., you should be relieved.

However, if you want to make sure your guests have a great time at the wedding, you need to be a great host. So pull up your socks to perform at your best.

Here’s how to make your guests feel welcomed, pampered and loved.

When your guests arrive at the venue/hotel/resort, present them with baskets in their room.

You can of course choose from a variety of items to give away, but keep some things common like a wedding itinerary guide, sanitizer, wet wipes, toiletries, and snack foods.

Depending on the wedding venue, you may also want to bring sunscreen or anti-nausea medication.

Organize the pick and drop

Make sure your guests get hassle-free pickup from the airport or train station.

You don’t want your guests to be left waiting for a taxi that didn’t arrive on time!

The same goes for the deposit, your guests should not feel rushed after the ceremony.

Give this responsibility to your wedding planner.

Keep food preferences in mind

It is very important to take note of the food preferences of your guests.

Nothing can be more embarrassing knowing that you have prepared something that they won’t or can’t eat.

Organize live stations to make food more appealing and excite them.

Desserts are a mass favourite, so serve a wide variety of them on fine tableware.

Don’t forget to greet each one of them

Remember to be a good host to all and don’t stick to your favorite cousins ​​and friends.

Take the time to visit all of your guests. Ask them how their trip was, if they need anything, and thank them for being part of your special day.

Chat with them and compliment them on their looks.

Don’t forget to click pictures with them.

Make sure they are having fun

Nothing is worse than seeing your guests bored in their respective rooms before and after the wedding.

Arrange for interested guests to go sightseeing in their free time.

Offer to take them to nearby places for recreation or fun activities.

Plan indoor activities for those who cannot travel extensively. Make sure everyone enjoys their brief stay with you.

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