Hundreds of Afghan couples marry in a mass wedding in Sar-e-Pol

100 young couples who were unable to organize their wedding ceremonies have married in a mass wedding sponsored by a generous businessman in Sar-e-Pol province in northern Afghanistan.

On Friday, September 16, hundreds of Sar-e-Pol residents, local officials, religious scholars, tribal elders and family members of the bride and groom attended the wedding ceremony at Sar-e-Pol Stadium. .

According to the representative of Mohammad Akbar Sultanzada, the generous-handed national businessman paid the expenses for the mass wedding ceremony for these 100 young couples.

Each of these brides received two six-meter hand-woven Afghan carpets, 25,000 Afghan cash and wedding dresses.

Deputy Governor of the Taliban government in Sar-e-Pol, Mohammad Nader Haqjo, applauded the holding of this mass wedding ceremony saying that marriage is the only thing that can stop the “vice” and moral corruption in the society.

It is customary for cash-strapped Afghan couples to pool their resources to hold affordable mass weddings, and the practice is already widespread in Sar-e-Pol province.

Two of the newlyweds, Obaidullah and Mohammad Murad, said financial problems prevented them from planning their wedding ceremony.

In Afghanistan, a country sorely under-resourced, marriage is an expensive ceremony with heavy dowries, extravagant gifts and expensive receptions.

Earlier last week, with the help of the Union of Sar-e-Pol People Living Abroad, a mass wedding ceremony for 40 couples was also held in the town of Sar-e-Pol , the provincial capital.

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