I booked a private villa for my friend’s destination wedding – now she’s trying to force me to give it to her instead

A WEDDING guest finds herself in an unexpected position following a dispute over the villa she has booked for her friend’s special day.

She booked her own private villa for her friend’s destination wedding, but now the bride is trying to pressure her into giving her the reservation.


A destination wedding turned into a headache for the bride and two special guestsCredit: Getty
Bride wants her guest to give up the private house she booked so she can enjoy it instead


Bride wants her guest to give up the private house she booked so she can enjoy it insteadCredit: Getty

According to the woman, who explained the issue in an anonymous Reddit post, she deliberately planned the wedding in Spain ahead of time.

“I was excited and wanted to get a good spot now rather than later when there were a lot fewer options,” she said.

That wasn’t the only reason she took immediate action and found a private pad, though.

She explained that she had “lost a lot of weight” and was a bit embarrassed by her loose skin, so she didn’t want to stay in a public place where people could see her in a bathing suit.

The poster was able to secure a three-bedroom villa with a private pool for her and her husband for a seemingly very impressive rate, although she did not reveal how much she actually spent.

Everything was frozen until the wedding date got closer and her private villa became a point of controversy, as the bride and her fiancé asked the woman to give up her reservation for them because they wanted to.

“They said they would give us the money we paid, but like I said, we got a good deal because we booked early,” the woman said.

“There are no more houses with private pools available and the hotels are about the same as the three bed villa and I can’t use the pool so I get less for my money.”

The surprise wedding guest admitted she turned down the offer and explained why she wanted a private pool, but that wasn’t reason enough for the bride.

“[The bride] was really nice at first and told me how beautiful i was and no one would care but i can’t just turn my insecurities off so i said no again then she turned around and said said I was selfish to hog a three-bed because I was too scared to get my fat out,” the woman said.

“My husband thinks I should just let it go because it’s their special day and we don’t want to make life difficult for them, but at the same time it’s the only time we can afford to go so even though we let’s go for the wedding, it’s also a vacation for us and why should I be uncomfortable during my break?” she concludes.

The woman clearly felt she was stuck between a rock and a hard place, but her fellow Redditors ended up supporting her.

“So the asshole asked for a favor, was refused and decided to insult you in order to make you do what she asked?

“She definitely doesn’t look like a great friend to me,” one user slammed.

“This is another case of people getting married disrespecting guests,” another reader said.

“I’m sick of people acting like their ‘special day’ means they treat other people like crap.

“Your husband should support you, because this is messed up.”

Another user suggested going to Spain and staying at the villa but skipping the wedding, while a fourth follower said only send the husband to the wedding long enough for him to brag about the villa .

Several readers have accused The Bride of being a bridezilla, and of course, it’s not the first to be released online.

A bridesmaid has revealed that her friend bridezilla forbade her and her other bridesmaids from getting pregnant before her wedding and asked them to buy several new outfits for the pre-wedding festivities.

Moreover, a woman revealed that her friend made her organize her entire wedding on the same day and then didn’t even give her a seat or food during the celebration.

People encourage poster to skip the wedding but enjoy the holidays


People encourage poster to skip the wedding but enjoy the holidaysCredit: Getty

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