I have a destination wedding and I refuse to help my family pay their expenses

A GROOM shared that his family expects him to pay for some of their expenses if he wants them to attend his destination wedding.

It doesn’t bother the groom if everyone can’t go, but his family makes him feel guilty and even calls him “blocked”.


Man argues with his family about their wedding expectationsCredit: Getty
Because he has a destination wedding, his family expects him to pay half of their expenses


Because he has a destination wedding, his family expects him to pay half of their expenses

The man in conflict explained anonymously on Reddit that he is getting married in an important destination for his future wife and family.

He admitted that he knew there would be issues with people who couldn’t attend, but he and his fiancee decided the destination wedding was still ideal for them.

“We… had a lot of conversations to make sure we didn’t take anything personally if people couldn’t attend and were very clear with the people we asked to be at our wedding party about the cost and the costs. expectations, ”he explained.

He added that destination weddings are common in his bride-to-be’s family because they come from the money, but the main issues have come from his side of the family.

“When I told my parents and siblings about our wedding plans, they all panicked that they couldn’t afford it,” he said.

“I told them I understood if it wasn’t something they could afford and although I would like them to be there, I won’t blame them if they can’t make it work. . “

While the groom’s parents assured him that they would attend regardless of the cost, they continually begged him to put some money aside so his siblings could attend.

His sisters heard about the idea from his parents and now demand that he pay at least half of their expenses, including flights for their children.

When he initially said no, they argued that it was his “responsibility” to cover the costs since he was the one organizing a destination wedding.

“I told them that I love them and that I would like to have them at my wedding, but I am not funding their whole family’s vacations,” he wrote.

“I said the only way for me to look at this would be if it was just them and their spouses, no children,” he continued before writing that his family had declared that the exclusion of children was “unacceptable”.

“They told me that I had become a stuck-up hole ** since I got engaged and rubbed my fiancée’s money on them,” he concluded.

The post received interactions from thousands of people and the internet was divided on the take side.

“It hurts them to see you choose the money over their participation in your life; it hurts them to be excluded from their loved one’s marriage, ”one person commented.

“Take responsibility for leaving your family out of your marriage. “

“It’s about their marriage, not about making the extended family happy,” another person wrote in defense of the poster.

“The entitlement that guests / families feel at weddings is amazing. “

The conflicted man returned to the post to make it clear that he was not very close to his family, and his sisters complaining about the expenses was the first time he had heard from them in 18 months.

“I make sure to send cards for each of their children on each birthday, gifts for each child on Christmas.

“I don’t even get a text from them on my birthday,” he wrote.

Looks like the groom has some deep thinking on his side to decide whether his supposed missing family should be at his wedding or not.

On the other hand, at least, he understands that not everyone can pay for a destination wedding, unlike a bride who threatened to throw her friends and family out of her life for not paying thousands. dollars for her wedding in Thailand.

The groom tried to compromise with his family, but they will not budge from their position


The groom tried to compromise with his family, but they will not budge from their positionCredit: Getty
Bride left in tears after brother refused to attend her wedding just to go to a friend’s house

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