I Told My Sister I Can’t Afford Her Destination Wedding – Now My Whole Family Called Me Selfish

A bride’s BROTHER is upset over whether or not he should attend her destination wedding.

He said he was going to have a hard time affording it, but there is a completely different issue that caused his family to call him selfish.


A man revealed he was fighting with his sister over her destination weddingCredit: Getty
The sister and the rest of his family try to guilt him into paying for the trip, even though he said he couldn't afford it.


The sister and the rest of his family try to guilt him into paying for the trip, even though he said he couldn’t afford it.

“My sister recently got engaged and to be honest I’m beyond happy for her as she and I didn’t always have the best relationship growing up,” the sibling wrote at the start of his anonymously shared story on Reddit.

He added that his sister apologized for her past misdeeds and he was happy that she found her true love.

“That being said, she wants to have a destination wedding,” the man wrote, adding that the location is in Europe and he lives in America.

“I told her that having a destination wedding, she needs to be fully aware that people won’t be able to attend. [and] she replied, “Only people who really care about me will be invited and should go anyway.”

The brother then replied that he was unsure about going to the wedding and said: ‘I can respect your choice to have a destination wedding and if I had one I would only expect that that me, my partner and the wedding officiant are there.”

His advice did not sit well with his sister, who told him that it would be horrible not to assist him with “a once in a lifetime experience”.

Additionally, when the sister gushed about how much money she was spending per guest for her wedding, the brother claimed he mentioned helping with her ticket costs, to which she replied a stern “No”.

Further explaining her situation, the poster wrote, “I am currently under financial pressure, and while the wedding date is not set in stone, I cannot see myself financially making it.

“My mum also thinks I’d be an a**hole if I didn’t save money for a wedding in a year, but the thought just seems daunting.”

However, that’s not the only reason his family is pressuring him to prioritize marriage: they know he’s planned a trip with his girlfriend to Paris.

Therefore, his family argues that if he can spend a fun trip to Paris ahead of time, he should be able to “understand” his sister’s big day.

“That being said, I had used my credit card points (accumulated over the years) for my flight and my girlfriend paid her share,” the upset brother explained.

“My girlfriend and I don’t have amazing savings and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t considering the logistics of bringing my girlfriend to the wedding either.”

He concluded the message by asking the Internet what to do, and he received favorable responses.

“You and your girlfriend saved up for your trip with a lot of planning.

“This has nothing to do with your sister’s wedding,” one follower wrote.

“It would be nice if you could do both, but a trip to Paris with your girlfriend is a very different trip than a family wedding.”

“Anyone expecting someone to be at their destination wedding is ad**che.

“Why do people always claim to have a destination wedding for their guests?

“Unless you’re taking everyone there and paying for their accommodation, you’re doing them no favors and you’re doing it for YOU so you can say you got married in Greece/Italy/Spain / Everywhere,” a second sympathizer slammed.

A third person added: “You don’t need to attend someone else’s wedding if it’s harmful to your job, education, financial well-being, personal financial goals or events in your life. Period.”

Weddings are notorious for causing family drama, as evidenced by a man who claimed he didn’t invite his own mother to his wedding after she refused to give him the same amount of money for his granddaughter. day she had given her sisters for theirs.

Additionally, a bride revealed that she didn’t invite her sister to her wedding, but showed up in a white dress anyway.

The wedding is in Europe, and the man has already planned a trip there, which was not easy for him to afford


The wedding is in Europe, and the man has already planned a trip there, which was not easy for him to affordCredit: Getty

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