Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan make history with same-sex wedding rings

Bad girls Star Jonathan Bennett and fiance Jaymes Vaughan speak to Yahoo Entertainment about their symbolic story of making Kay Jewelers gay alliances, and reveal their goal “to change the entire wedding jewelry industry.” The couple also discuss their groundbreaking magazine cover on The Knot and what it means for the LGBTQ + community.

Video transcript

KYLIE MAR: Congratulations, Jaymes and Jonathan. You got engaged last year. So James was talking to me a long time ago. He was telling me about the ring he was designing for you. At the time, I didn’t know he was designing it with Kay Jewelers, however.

JAYMES VAUGHAN: So our ring – it was actually our ring for our entire LGBTQ + community because when I went to propose to Jonathan, I couldn’t find a ring anywhere. I was like, first of all, what’s the tradition when it’s two guys? What are you doing? And second, what do the rings look like? And I didn’t find anything, so as I already realized that I was going to have to create something, I was like, okay, how can I use this and actually do it to move the marriage, the engagement forward , this whole industry for LGBTQ + couples.

And so I reached out to Kay because I knew they had a good track record with LGBTQ + people and initiatives and I said, hey, I want to design this ring first, to offer it to Jonathan.

JONATHAN BENNETT: I did not know that I was offered. We had never talked about rings in our life. I think the only thing I said was I didn’t want it to be too fancy. And he’s a little more blingy than me, which is why this design is perfect.

JAYMES VAUGHAN: So I was like, let’s do it together, then make this post that this design is available for LGBTQ + couples wherever they know Kay is a safe space they can come in for that time in their life, not only to be safe, but also to be celebrated in this joyful event as is always the case with heterosexual couples. It should be the same for all same-sex couples.

KYLIE MAR: And, I hope the Robbins brothers, the Carters, and the Tiffany’s – they all start to like understanding and doing the same.

JAYMES VAUGHAN: This is exactly what we want, Kylie. We want the industry to change. But beyond this ring, here my goal is to change the whole wedding jewelry industry. So I want in 10 years to be so mundane that there is a section, that there are articles for the LGBTQ + community, that people come in and their minds are blown away that there never is. had.

KYLIE MAR: I also want to tell you about the upcoming wedding. What are the plans? What is happening? What haven’t you told anyone you’re going to do at your wedding?

JONATHAN BENNETT: So for our wedding we are so excited because we are getting married at Unico Resorts in Riviera Maya, Mexico which is the most beautiful, inclusive, safe and celebrated LGBTQ + resort we have ever experienced. We


JONATHAN BENNETT: We really arrived, we found the complex. And we are getting married in March 2022.

JAYMES VAUGHAN: Could we tell who officiates our marriage?

KYLIE MAR: Is this Lance Bass?

JONATHAN BENNETT: It’s not Lance Bass.

JAYMES VAUGHAN: Who, by the way, just announced that they are going to have children together.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Yes, congratulations to Lance and Michael.

JAYMES VAUGHAN: How cool. Oh my God. We are so excited for them. They are going to have twins.


KYLIE MAR: OK, so they’re not going to your wedding.

JAYMES VAUGHAN: They are always invited.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Yes, they are invited. The person who is going to officiate and marry us is my best friend, who has become our best friend, YouTube’s Brian Tyler Cohen.

JAYMES VAUGHAN: He’s the perfect person to officiate our marriage to the point that when I made my request he was the only one who could manage the alliances until I got the transfer. Because I was like, I want you to be the one person who meets these rings from the engagement side to the wedding side.

So that’s what’s really cool about us being the first gay couple on the cover of “The Knot”, which in itself was amazing.



JAYMES VAUGHAN: We didn’t realize how much of a resource they are in the wedding industry. They actually have a site that filters everyone out.

JONATHAN BENNETT: You can say, I want to work with gay sellers. Like, I want people – like gays, gays, things like that.

JAYMES VAUGHAN: And the cool thing they do is they don’t allow discrimination.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Being on the cover and being the first gay couple on the cover meant so much. You know I can think of myself younger, can’t I? You know, Jonathan, 16, at the grocery store. It’s one thing to be in a magazine in an article. You know, it’s a wonderful thing, but being on the cover – it’s what brings us back to younger versions of ourselves in grocery stores, in stores, walking down the aisles. To see the love that looks like ours represented who is happy and cheerful and strong and proud and in a committed and happy relationship.

So I can only imagine what it would be like, to watch and see this when I was younger.

JAYMES VAUGHAN: It’s just, wow. For example, we did not intend to be pioneers with our marriage. I just wanna get married, sing my little song and get on with it, right? But it’s just sort of presented. Like, wow, if this stuff is still happening in 2021, I don’t want it to happen again in 2031, so let’s do something about it.

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