Karnataka: Six couples marry in mass wedding at Murugha Mutt | Hubballi News

CHITRADURGA: Wishing to ensure that all services offered to the public at Murugha Mutt are unaffected due to recent incidents, the pontiff in charge, Sri Mahanta Rudreshwara Swami of Hebbalu Virakta Mutt, has overseen operations and is handling day-to-day affairs.
On Monday, the seer presided over the mass wedding ceremony of the couples at the cabot. Rudreshwara Swami said that over the past 32 years, 17,000 couples got married at Murugha Mutt. “The pooch has started holding mass wedding ceremonies to help ease the financial burden on families. The pooch provides taali and attire for the bride and groom, free of charge for the event,” he said.
Rudreshwara Swami said that although eight couples registered for the mass wedding event scheduled for Monday, two of them withdrew for personal reasons. The ceremony was organized by Cabot, in association with SJM Vidyapeetha, Basava Kendra, SJM Shanthi and Pragathi Foundation.
Sri Shanthaveera Guru Murugharajendra Swami praised the event held at Murugha Mutt, which he said was a model for more people to emulate. “Almost all couples who got married in Murugha Mutt stay married,” he said.
As the event coincided with Teachers’ Day, the dignitaries in attendance garlanded the portrait of India’s second president and preeminent philosopher, S Radhakrishnan. The values ​​that Radhakrishnan inscribed in the education system were discussed and his contribution to the enrichment of the field recalled.

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