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Two hearts beating in unison in synchrony and harmony, this is the love story of Jeremy and Debbie Chung. But it’s never a done deal until you receive the full blessing of the people closest and dearest to your heart. Eldest daughter and bridesmaid Danhi took center stage at her parents’ wedding in Ocho Rios, St Ann, and eloquently made proud remarks of becoming Chung in front of her mother. It was a decision made by their youngest daughter, Sarai. Chung approved; the couple and family returned from the UK and married in the tropics with their loved ones.

Jeremy had proposed to the love of his life just over a year after their first date, and by then Sarai was already calling him daddy. “Sarai woke up one day at the very beginning and started calling me daddy. Debbie and I looked at each other in shock. We talked about it and told her I didn’t mind at all; I did. loved! I love both girls as mine and continue to treat them as such,” Jeremy recalled to wedding on the island.

But despite her best efforts, Danhi continued to call out her mother’s partner who she first described as “…the strange man that mom used to date”, Mr. Jeremy. Until the day when everything changed. “One day I came home from work to see some flowers and cupcakes that Danhi had made. She said from that day on she would call me daddy,” an emotional Jeremy revealed. The girls’ surnames were later legally changed to Chung.

Danhi explained her reasons, stating that she did what she had to do to protect her mother. But after seeing the chivalry and gallantry of “Mr Jeremy”, she, like her mother, began to open her heart too.

“He is a very good man, my mother is a very good woman, and they deserve each other. My mother is a very unhappy woman, but when she is with dad and they are together, she looks happy and has a bright smile on his face,” she said, adding that for her, it’s all about the little things he does to celebrate her mother’s day, “He buys my mother flowers on a random day , and he makes her tea whenever she is not feeling well. I like being at home with my parents. I like the atmosphere they bring; me, my sister and my brother feel loved .

The lovebirds first met during a site visit to London. Ruth, more affectionately known as Debbie, went to view a property and was introduced to Jeremy, “He said hello, and the rest is history,” she shared. Jeremy, who was working in the field that day, was wearing his usual attire, but that didn’t matter to Debbie, who focused on her knowledge and expertise.

“She found out about my role later when she came back to the project to bring me sorrel and saw me in a suit and boots, working from the penthouse on the 26th floor as a temp office,” he said. he adds.

Jeremy found Debbie to be a strong, hardworking and very family-oriented woman from their first interactions. He later added “loving”, “sensual” and “emotional” to his list of positive attributes. Being an “island girl” was definitely a plus in her books as well. “She is the glue of the relationship and the family, and the voice of reason. Debbie creates a space where I feel relaxed, special and so loved. She always encourages me in everything I do and she brings peace to my life.

While for Debbie, she saw Jeremy as a polite, professional, and good Christian man who would take her to church. “Our first date went well. Jeremy was a real gentleman, but I was very nervous,” she said. Over time, she learned to appreciate his strong, loving, hardworking side. , passionate and encouraging.

“Jeremy is very affectionate towards the girls and me. He loves us, and there is no doubt about it. And we love it. He inspires me every day. And he is the tower of strength that completes me and allows me to let my guard down, because I no longer need to be strong on my own,” she said.

Helping him realize his potential, she realized it was him when he began to fill in the gaps in her life and when she traded in the independent talk of “I” and “me” for jargon. of partnership as “we” and “us”. “He encouraged and supported me so much that I can’t imagine life without him,” she added.

Grateful that they were on the same page in this long and enduring book of love, Jeremy did the honorable act of asking Debbie to be his wife.

While he wanted to pop the question, COVID-19 arrived, taking his work with it. But he was a tenacious, resourceful and determined man. Taking odd jobs here and there and spending his savings, he knew that once he landed another job in construction management, he would focus on securing a royal ring for his queen. When the diamond shop called to say they were finally ready, they put plans in place to have a roof garden proposal. Debbie was afraid of heights, so her Prince Charming provided the perfect distraction.

“When I got home I had a straight face and told her I needed to talk to her. She looked worried and I acted like something was wrong,” he said. He explained. Debbie added: ‘He took me to a rooftop garden so I was a bit nervous because I don’t like heights, plus I thought I had done something wrong, and he was going to discuss [it] in detail,” but Jeremy proposed, and she cried tears of joy.

After discussing their wedding vision, the groom made it his mission to give his beautiful bride-to-be a beautiful wedding. He called on the expertise of Tropical Weddings Jamaica and was impressed with the services. Debbie focused on getting the perfect wedding dress, and after a disappointing search, she got not one, but two bespoke dresses from AgyeFrance Design in London.

On December 29, Debbie and Jeremy held hands at the Hibiscus Lodge hotel. Family and friends gathered for a picturesque ceremony overlooking the ocean. The couple beamed and took their effervescent personalities from the ceremony to the reception. The dinner and dance that followed saw the newlyweds open the room with a romantic waltz to a classic, Forever and ever by Luther Vandross.

“My favorite part was hearing my wife’s song, turning around and seeing the smile on her face. The speeches were great too. Love definitely oozed out of the wedding; so many good vibes,” Mr. Chung. And for Mrs. Chung, the wedding was better than she could have ever imagined: “It was epic. My best moment was saying my vows to my husband in the presence of all our loved ones.”

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