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Bangalore, first published on July 26, 2022 at 6:34 PM IST

The past few years have been extremely uncertain and precarious due to the Covid 19 crisis, globally. The onset of the pandemic has made humanity think about many things and has shifted thinking towards a destination wedding with close-knit people rather than just a herd of thousands. Along with the development and (blessing) of vaccines, this has led nations to relax travel standards and get the tourism and wedding industry back on its feet.

Pulse events and Wedding by Sunny Sabharwal have organized impeccable international weddings in three different locations, across the world. “It was like people were released from a cage and just wanted to fly and fly away,” Sunny Sabharwal said. Team Pulse hosted a big Indian wedding in Dubai, UAE. The wedding was planned for Delhi-based families.

“For couples looking for an exotic and luxurious wedding, Dubai is the place for you! From weddings on the beach and in the desert to weddings in town and even on a private island, this place gives you many options and themes to choose from. With its cultural vastness and so many activities for you and your guests, getting married under this Arabian sky is going to be a gala affair,” asking questions about which venues couples are inclined towards.

Pulse Events and Wedding by Sunny Sabharwal executed every aspect of the wedding from air travel to managing hotel amenities to ensure guests had a seamless experience. It was a three-day party and each event was executed with people in mind wanting to have the time of their lives. The first night was all about ‘Dubai Vibes’ – themed around traditional Arabic decor with famous elements like the Tanura Act and more. The breath of celebrations continued with traditional rituals.

One of the biggest highlights of the wedding was an all-vegetarian menu, in a city famous for its non-vegetarian cuisines. It becomes a challenge for religious Indian families to deal with this factor, but Sunny Sabharwal ensured that the sacrament of families took place and secured a separate kitchen space in a five-star hotel. A team of hand-picked chefs have been appointed to examine the purity of the food and add Indian flavor.

The wedding celebrations were filled with top notch entertainment programming. Surj RDB made the last event an unforgettable evening. The music luminary rolled with very high energy people.

“It was our first international pandemic after a destination wedding, and it was liberating to know that we can now get back to our regular game. Also, the fact that every guest returned to India safely and without complications was another boost for us. Sabharwal said.

With the success seen, it can be said that the choice of an international destination for weddings can be planned with experts.

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