Mass wedding of 24 couples celebrated in central Afghanistan

Photo: Archive

Twenty-four young couples who were unable to perform their wedding ceremonies were united in marriage in a mass wedding sponsored by a generous religious scholar in Ghazni province in central Afghanistan.

In a mass wedding ceremony held July 18 in Ghazni province, dozens of Afghan brides who had been covered in ornate shimmering green shawls married Afghan newlyweds.

Marriage is an expensive ceremony in deeply impoverished Afghanistan, with hefty dowries, extravagant gifts and lavish parties.

Cash-strapped couples in Afghanistan have traditionally opted to merge their resources into low-cost, large-scale marriages.

A one-day booking at a wedding venue, sources say, costs between $10,000 and $20,000, and some engaged couples have had to wait years due to the outrageous cost given the unemployment rate.

A groom, who wished to remain anonymous, told Khaama Press that many Afghans cannot get married because the bride’s family has many expectations and the demands of the groom’s family are so high that a person cannot afford to get married for many years.

In addition to expressing gratitude, couples emphasize the culturalization of communal weddings and advise families to avoid incurring disproportionate wedding expenses.

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