Melissa & Richard in Cancun


Couple: Mélissa and Richard

Resort Name and Destination: Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa, Mexico

Number of guests: 25

Photography: PhotoPro

The (brief) story of your meeting / your love: We met at the Riu Santa Fe in Cabo San Lucas, where Richard was working at the front desk at the time and my friends and I were on vacation in May 2010. After many visits to the front desk to book a la carte dinners, Richard invited my friends over and I went out to show us the city. We instantly clicked and we were so into each other by the end of the night. Fortunately Richard had a few days off so he was able to spend some time with us for the last half of our trip. It was the hardest thing to say goodbye when it was time to go, but we kept in touch during the summer. After the summer was over I decided to head back to Cabo on my own to figure things out with Richard and if this long distance relationship was going to work. We decided to officially become a boyfriend / girlfriend, but couldn’t bear to be so far apart. Richard came to visit me in Toronto in November and December of the same year and stayed for a while. We were so in love and knew we didn’t want to be apart anymore. We knew in our hearts that we just couldn’t live without each other. We decided to get married on June 25, 2011, having a small civil ceremony, with the intention of having a larger destination wedding in Mexico, where our two families could celebrate. After the birth of our first son and the purchase of a new home, our plans were put on hold. Two beautiful children later, we decided to revisit our plans for a destination wedding, but instead celebrate our 5e Anniversary as we renewed our vows.

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The decision to renew wedding vows at destination: something you’ve always wanted or come to love?

Considering that Richard lived in Mexico and his family still lived in Mexico (Cabo, then moved to Playa Del Carmen after Richard left), this was not really considered a “destination wedding” for Richard and his family. family, but more for me and my family. I’ve always dreamed of a destination wedding so it was absolutely perfect for Richard and me.

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What prompted you to choose your resort / destination?

We chose Riviera Maya because that’s where Richard’s family resides. They were not present at our civil wedding, so it was very important for us to have them there for our vow renewal. We chose the Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa for its very recent and modern look. It also has amazing facilities for families and kids as we obviously had a toddler to keep busy and happy so mum and dad could be happy = P

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How did you personalize the renewal and ceremony of your wedding vows?

We chose the “Mexican Experience” wedding package, which incorporated very traditional Mexican aspects into our vow renewal celebration. It included a mariachi band that played very traditional love songs and ‘mariachi’ music, a Mexican duet performance, a tequila tasting and a Mexican infused menu for our 3 course reception dinner. We also wrote our own renewal vows which were specific and special to us.

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The funniest or most unusual moment was when….

We entered as a family during our procession and our children Tyler and Baby Lauren had to sit with my parents in the front row so that Richard and I could begin our vow renewal ceremony. Instead, Tyler decided he couldn’t leave us, so he stood there with us like he was our ‘best boy’ and then went slamming in the middle of us like he was officiating. the ceremony lol.

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The most memorable moment was when….

We got to the front and faced each other as the celebrant started the ceremony, and we were both so thrilled with emotion that we both burst into tears. We were truly reliving the happiest day of our lives.

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Three words that sum up your experience of renewing wedding vows at destination are:

The most incredible!

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Besides the renewal of the wedding vows itself, what was your favorite part of your trip? Did you do any activities with your guests?

Foam evenings with children and family.

My beautiful family ???? ❤ ??

If you could travel anywhere for your next birthday it would be:

Well since we just celebrated our 5e Anniversary of the renewal of our vows in Mexico, perhaps for our 10e, we would like to travel to an exotic place like Bora Bora or Tahiti.

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Your biggest advice to couples planning a destination wedding vow renewal would be:

Contact Destination Weddings for help with planning !!! Best decision !!… made the whole process so much more stress-free and FUN!

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