MOCD holds mass wedding for 50 young men in Abu Dhabi


Sharjah 24: Coinciding with the 50th Year celebrations and initiatives, the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) hosted a mass wedding for 50 Emirati honeymooners sponsored by Al Masaood at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi Group.
Were present at the ceremony Nasser Ismail, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Social Affairs at MOCD, Excellency. Masaood Ahmed Al Masaood, Chairman of the Board of Al Masaood Group, Excellency Ahmed Rahma Al Masaood, Vice Chairman of the Board of Al Masaood Group, Mr. Ahmed Salmeen, General Manager of Government Affairs of Al Masaood Group, as well as a number of officials and relatives of the bride and groom.

This mass wedding is part of the Ministry’s vision to embody social responsibility and consolidate an effective community partnership with all parties, especially the private sector, in order to support the organization of mass weddings for women. newlyweds, which interprets the concern to encourage the marriage of Emirati men with Emirati women and this is one of the important objectives emphasized by mass marriages.
On this occasion, Nasser Ismail congratulated the young people participating in this mass wedding, wishing them happiness and success in forming new families, taking care of them and protecting the structures, existence and stability of their families. .

He appreciated the initiative of the Al Masaood group to organize this mass wedding, its concern to strengthen community partnership and its active role in promoting social development in the United Arab Emirates and preserving the stability of the Emirati family in sponsoring this mass marriage.

He said the Ministry of Community Development is keen to organize more mass weddings every year across the UAE, in a way that embodies the values ​​of solidarity and principles established by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (may Allah on him have mercy), supports the vision of leaders and government of forming a stable family in a cohesive society, and ensures greater well-being for all, especially young men who form new families. His Excellency stressed the importance of partnership and cooperation to support mass weddings as the ministry strives to organize and encourage participation in them for their central role in supporting stability, cohesion and coherence of the family.

Masaood Ahmed Al Masaood, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Masaood Group, said: “We are honored to be leading the supporters of this mass wedding organized for 50 UAE men and women in Abu Dhabi. This type of mass wedding supports the process of building a country that has been at the forefront of all nations. His Excellency said that organizing the mass wedding for 50 bride and groom is in line with the approach of our country aiming to reduce the burden of marriage on our young people who remain faithful to the Emirates beautiful traditions, by strengthening family cohesion and the coherence of society, believing in the importance of the family as a basic element to build a society cohesive, united and integrated, full of happiness and prosperity.National efforts in support of mass marriages which conform to the directives of the wise leadership which provide young people with the means which guarantee the formation of families. Stable lies, representing the cornerstone of the construction of a coherent social fabric, faithful to its beautiful traditions. In “Al Masaood Group”, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting the culture of mass marriages which encompass positive human and social implications. This type of marriage embodies the spirit of solidarity, unity and fraternity, while encouraging citizens to celebrate the essence of marriage far from extravagance and waste, in a friendly and convivial atmosphere. “

Ahmed Salmeen, general manager of government affairs of the Al Masood group, affirmed the support of the Al Masaood group to organize the mass wedding of 50 distinguished young men, which reflects our commitment to community partnership and national responsibility to promote the idea of ​​mass marriages. , given the importance of its role in reducing the financial burdens borne by young people at the start of their marriage and facilitating the formation of a new family capable of settling down and living happily. He added that the contribution to support mass marriages reflects the principles of cooperation and tolerance in society and strengthens loyalty and belonging to the country.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Community Development is keen to hold mass weddings every year in all emirates and regions of UAE to confirm the approach and experience of mass weddings in UAE. This is considered to be a model of national phenomenon which defends and promotes the unique inherent principles and traditions of society, and helps to reduce the costs of marriage with the aim of building stable families capable of contributing to the social development of the country in various areas. The ministry also urges the UAE community, including private sectors, institutions and individuals, to support mass marriages that will enhance and achieve the stability and happiness of the Emirati family.


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