More than 70 Hindu couples marry in mass wedding in Pakistan

Karachi: Dressed in colorful clothes and wearing traditional handmade garlands, more than 70 Hindu couples got married in a mass wedding ceremony here in Pakistan’s largest city, media reported on Monday.

The mass wedding was organized by the Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC) and it was held on Sunday at the Railway Ground located on II Chundrigar Road.

Every year for the past 14 years, MP Ramesh Kumar Vankvani, who is also the chief patron of PHC, has organized mass weddings for poor Hindu families who cannot afford to marry their children.

The first mass wedding, held in 2008, saw 35 Hindu couples get married at the same time. This figure has increased over the years.

This year, due to security measures related to the coronavirus pandemic, we only invited half of them to the ceremony, Vankvani said, adding that it was a cultural activity for the Hindu community.

The event also sends the message to the world that our minority communities are completely free to organize their social events in accordance with their religion, he told The News International newspaper.

No less than 72 Hindu couples got married in the mass wedding ceremony. Most of the couples had come from Sindh and were accompanied by their parents, relatives and friends, the Dawn newspaper reported.

“I work as a packer in a mobile phone company in Korangi. If that had been left to me, I would have had to wait several more years to save up and get married, said Laxman, who married Mehek.

Vickey and Nandni were owned by Ibrahim Hyderi. Vicky said he worked as a sweeper for the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.

We’ve been engaged for three years. I have tried to save since our engagement but it was not enough. Ultimately, we decided to get married in a mass wedding, Vicky told Dawn.

Nandni’s mother had her youngest child, Krishan, five months old, on her lap. Her eyes turned wet when someone said the bride was going to miss her baby brother, according to the report.

But that’s life. Girls have to leave their parents’ house. I will miss my daughter too, we all will, she said.

After the wedding, each couple received pure silver jewelry, dishes, pots and pans, and a check to help them start their new lives.

Politician Mangla Sharma and several champions of interfaith harmony and minority rights graced the occasion.

There are 4.4 million Hindus in Pakistan, or 2.14% of the total population, according to Pakistan’s 2017 census, although the Pakistan Hindu Council says there are around 8 million in the country.

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