Myra Vaikul busy enjoying her uncle’s destination wedding

Popular Marathi child actress Myra Vaikul has become a social media sensation. The young child star, who plays the role of Pari in the popular Marathi TV show Majhi Tujhi Reshimagathi, is currently taking time out to film and enjoy her uncle’s destination wedding.

A boomerang was shared via the child artist’s Instagram account, where she can be seen with the bride during the mehndi ceremony.

Here is a picture of the boomerang:

Shweta Vaikul, Myra’s mom, also recently shared a photo from Myra’s uncle’s engagement ceremony on her Instagram account.

With her innocent on-screen performance in the series, Myra has created a distinct fanbase for herself. On the show’s set, she is often seen grooving to different dance numbers and imitating many other actors.

Myra’s cute photos and videos often go around the internet. She has a huge fan following. She also has a YouTube, which is called World of Myra and Family. Myra’s mother, Shweta Vaikul, who manages all the social media accounts, is an avid social media user and often shares adorable photos and videos of her daughter.

Earlier, Myra’s father, speaking about her entry into the entertainment industry, revealed that Myra’s journey started when the first nationwide lockdown in 2020 came into force. During lockdown, Myra’s mom and dad were shooting her videos for fun and sharing them with family groups. As everyone appreciated Myra’s skills, her mother decided to upload the videos to social media handles. As soon as the video went viral, Myra became an overnight sensation.

Later, Myra auditioned for the role of Pari in Majhi Tujhi Reshimgath and was selected. Her father said it was not all planned or decided “but, it just happened”.

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