Navotas offers a free civil marriage



Mayor Toby Tiangco (left side, front) with the newlyweds.

At least 36 Navoteños couples got married in a free civil wedding ceremony organized by the government of the city of Navotas.

The Kasalang Bayan (city wedding), held regularly on Valentine’s Day and on the occasion of the anniversary of the city of Navotas, aims to legalize the marriage of couples who live together.

“Most of you have been together for over five years now. Whatever your secret to making your relationship last, keep it. Let this ceremony strengthen your union and make your marriage happier, ”said Mayor Toby Tiangco.

Meanwhile, Representative John Rey Tiangco assured the newlyweds that the city government has services and programs to help their families live quality lives.

“The family is the basic unit of society. Strong families make exceptional communities. This is why our government gives top priority to improving the lot of each Navoteño family, ”he said.

Besides Kasalang Bayan, other activities were also organized to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Among them, the distribution of cookies to city hall employees, the office serenade, speed dating and treatment of qualified participants at a free dinner as well as a food tour at the food bazaar of Kalye Pag-ibig (Love St. ).


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