Nusrat Jahan’s destination marriage to Nikhil Jain was not legally valid; read on

Bangalore, first published November 17, 2021, 20:37 IST

A court in Kolkata has announced that the marriage of businessman Nikhil Jain and actress-turned TMC MP Nusrat Jahan is invalid. The court said that the legal marriage had not taken place between the ex-couple because Nusrat Jahan of faith is a Muslim and Nikhil Jain a Hindu, the court issued the order. Nikhil and Nusrat did not get married under the Special Marriage Law.

Therefore, the Kolkata court ruled that the alleged marriage celebrated on June 19, 2019 in Bodrum, Turkey, between the plaintiff and the defendant was not legally valid. Earlier this year, Nusrat also shared that her marriage to Nikhil took place in accordance with Turkish law and was not valid in India.

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In her statement, the actress alleged that her property, such as jewelry and other property, had been “illegally withheld”. She also claimed that her funds had been misappropriated from various accounts without her knowledge. After Nusrat’s allegations, Nikhil also released a statement claiming that the mismanagement of his funds and jewelry is bogus.

Who is Nikhil Jain?

Actress Nusrat Jahan and Kolkata businessman Nikhil Jain got married in Bodrum, Turkey in a private wedding. Only close friends and family attended the wedding. Nikhil Jain was looking for a high-end model for his Gariahat bridal clothing store, and he caught up with Nusrat to showcase his designs. Nikhil was fascinated by the aura, the beauty of Nusrat and asked for a date.

Currently, Nusrat is with BJP politician Yash and it is reported that she has married him, who is also a Hindu. Yash is one of the handsome men in the Bengali film industry. While filming a Bengali SOS Kolkata movie last year, Yash and Nusrat got closer. And earlier this year, Nusrat gave birth to a baby boy named Yishaan, and Yash’s name was added as a father in the birth certificate.

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