Pandemic Shatters Patels’ Tradition of Mass Weddings | Surat News

SURAT: In the new standard imposed by the global pandemic, among the many changes, some striking changes have also been made, including the famous concept of mass marriages celebrated by the Patels to marry married couples from poor families in the community.
While Saurashra Patel Sewa Samaj (Surat) has decided to break with the tradition of holding the gala event in one location, the events will now move to the individual homes of the respective brides, in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines.
“We are going to break the tradition of mass weddings in one place, but organize it by towing the guidelines for the security of Covid. The first of these weddings will take place on February 28, 2021 and will be held at the homes of the respective brides. Each wedding venue will be connected to a central system that will broadcast the ceremony live to other members of their family, ”explained Kanji Bhalala, President of Saurashtra Patel Sewa Samaj (Surat).
The community organization provides financial aid of Rs 20,000 to each participating bride and also helps them benefit from government programs such as Kunvarbai nu Memeru and Samuh Lagna na Satfera, among others.
“Over the past 37 years, we have been instrumental in organizing mass weddings for 5004 couples,” Bhalala added.

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