Prince Charles’ “naughty and heartwarming” letter to Camilla about their civil marriage revealed


Prince Charles sent a sweet message to Camilla Parker Bowles on their wedding day.

David Stubbs compiled Prince Charles’ letters in “One Is Deeply Concerned: The Prince Charles Letters, 1969-2011” and one of them apparently contained the latter’s ugly but heartfelt message to the Duchess of Cornwall during their civil marriage.

“You know what I would really like to tell you, but given that our exchanges in the past have fallen into the wrong hands with decidedly embarrassing consequences,” Prince Charles wrote in his letter. “I’ll keep this one on a friendly, but formal basis if it’s the same for you, darling sugar lump.”

Prince Charles also revealed in the letter how he can be himself with Camilla. His message to her was filled with love and admiration.

“But you, my dear: you are different. Hang on everything from raisins to my nuts, with you I feel like I can talk about Wellingtons biodegradable for hours without the other party rolling their eyes, ”added the future king. “Your whistle, on which you play a happy tune of love.”

Prince Charles and Camilla dated before marrying their ex-spouses, Princess Diana and Andrew Parker Bowles, respectively. However, the royal family did not approve of Camilla being with the future king because she was not “aristocratic” enough. In addition, they considered her to be a woman of experience.

“It was absolutely vital to have someone on the throne who was a virgin,” said Dr Piers Brendan, clarifying the “experience” recounted in a documentary. “A future queen must not have a past.”

However, Prince Charles and Camilla’s first marriages did not work out. The two ended up divorcing their spouses before rekindling their romance.

Princess Diana has blamed her husband’s affair with Camilla over his failed marriage. Royal biographer Robert Lacey also believed that if the Queen was to blame anyone, it should be her own son, Prince Charles.

“If anything, I believe, that she and her husband, Prince Philip, blame Prince Charles more, and Prince Charles, of course, as we have since found out, was already emotionally engaged to another woman, ”he explained.

Prince Charles’s admiration for Camilla Parker Bowles is felt in his heartwarming letter on their wedding day. Pictured: Prince Charles and Camilla at Windsor Castle after their wedding ceremony April 9, 2005 in Windsor, England. Photo credit: Getty Images / Hugo Burnand

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