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Narayan Seva Sansthan celebrated their 35th mass wedding ceremony in Udaipur on Sunday where eleven disabled couples married their soul mates in a grand event following all Covid safety protocols.

Narayan Seva Sansthan, a Rajasthan-based NGO that works for the welfare of people with disabilities, organized something wonderful this weekend. Eleven disabled couples, from economically disadvantaged families, were married at the NGO’s 35th mass wedding ceremony held in Udaipur on December 27, Sunday.

A company that warms the heart

The NSS runs many programs and events for people with disabilities. Their interesting ventures in times of Covid have been much discussed. As the NSS team says, they contribute to the general well-being of people with disabilities as well as those in need”. The NGO works closely with people affected by polio and other disabilities.

The organization, in an attempt to help individuals, organized the 35th mass wedding ceremony in Udaipur where eleven disabled couples were married and engaged for the “Say no to the dowry” campaign promoted by the NSS. Everyone who was part of the ceremony adhered to Covid protocols, followed social distancing and wore masks throughout. They also took an oath to wear masks until they were vaccinated.

Due to the Covid pandemic, the ceremony was a low-key affair with only the couple’s parents attending the ceremony. NSS donors have come forward with household appliances and gifts as donations. “Kanya Daan” ceremony to all married couples starting a new journey in life.

Start a new life

pooja and Kamlesh were among those married on the special day. They shared their story.

Pooja, the youngest daughter in the family, lost her leg in an accident. As she came from an economically disadvantaged family and could not afford surgery, the NSS took care of her treatment. “I am happy that I can now lead a good life thanks to the operation. I am very happy to meet my life partner Kamlesh,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kamlesh has always led a life full of challenges. He was diagnosed with polio when he was three years old. Since undergoing surgery, Kamlesh can now walk on crutches. So, after many obstacles, he continued his studies and got excellent grades, then got a job as a Panchayat assistant.

Kamlesh says, “Disability is just a physical condition, not a disease. I have always been emotionally very strong and I have struggled and the challenges have only made me stronger. I opened my own grocery store and then got a job. I’m glad organizations like the NSS exist so people get the help they deserve. I am also happy to have found a life partner who supports me.

Prashant Agarwal, Chairman, NSS says, “This mass wedding ceremony is closer to our hearts. Our flagship “Say No to Dowry” campaign has been running for eighteen years. 2098 pairs are installed. We provide sustainable livelihoods and offer services such as free corrective surgeries, skills development courses, talent development activities and mass wedding ceremonies”.

People from Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujarat and other states have approached the NSS to help support their marriages, says Agarwal.

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