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Shaunie O’Neal teases ‘destination wedding’ – and will she invite ‘Basketball Wives’ cast? [Exclusive]

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Shaunie O’Neal is keeping some details of her upcoming nuptials to her fiancé, Pastor Keion Henderson, under wraps, but she recently revealed the couple are planning to have a ‘destination’ wedding, which she says added a layer of complexity to planning.

The VH-1 basketball wives The executive producer took a step back from the drama mix this season in order to spend more time with her family and plan the wedding. “Listen…this thing, if I had known…gas prices alone,” she explained with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Because I’m planning a destination wedding. So everything was interesting, to say the least.

Planning a destination wedding during a global pandemic is challenging. But so does the guest list of a power couple with endless friends, family, and associates. This begs the question – will O’Neal invite basketball wives co-stars, especially since the enduring series featured a great cast?

Does Shaunie O’Neal invite the cast of ‘Basketball Wives’ to her wedding?

O’Neal said that some cast members of basketball wives are invited to the wedding. She didn’t name who, but said fans can guess who will get an invite. “I think it would be obvious,” she said.

Shaunie O’Neal, Jackie Christie and Jasmine Simpkins | Leon Bennett/Getty Images for VH1

“[And] I think the ladies know who I’m really friends with,” O’Neal continued. “And most of us are self-respecting colleagues. Maybe some ladies this season, I’ve never been in their presence in person. But you know, we respect each other… Instagram, things like that. We are cool. I’m cool with everyone. But I think your marriage, at least mine, is for an intimate and real friendship. The people who really love you really know you. And that’s why I’m saving these invitations.

Shaunie O’Neal’s destination wedding revealed

O’Neal didn’t name the destination during the interview, but said putting all the moving parts together was definitely stressful. “I’m sure I have a lot more gray hair than I would like!” she says. “But that’s how it is. It’s going to be awesome, and beautiful. But yeah, it’s hard. Times are so crazy in the world. You don’t realize what’s affected and what’s going on. The simple fact getting things shipped these days is not the same as getting things shipped last year.

And while O’Neal wasn’t ready to say where the wedding will take place, VH-1 revealed that the nuptials will take place in Anguilla, and viewers are “invited.”

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“This special series will follow the happy couple – along with their closest friends and family members – as they prepare for their destination wedding and blending their beautiful families,” according to a VH1 Release. “Along the way, they’ll juggle business demands, stewardship of a 15,000-member congregation, and, before God, arrive at the most special moment in a couple’s life: saying yes.”

She enjoyed taking a step back this season of ‘Basketball Wives’

O’Neal said taking a small step back this season has been refreshing. “I enjoyed every minute!” she gushed about not being in the drama mix this season. “I heard the notes. Sometimes I tapped, sometimes I didn’t. It’s like, ‘You know, I like my peace this week. So I’m not going to read those notes! I’ll wait a few weeks and do it.

“But I needed it,” she admitted of stepping away from the show. “People are like we don’t need you in the game anyway,” she laughed. “But, you know, I didn’t leave. I can draw when I need it. Otherwise, I’ll just be there watching like everyone else. But I enjoyed it. I liked sitting down this season and just seeing what everyone was going through and what was going on. See how we mix up the band, what could happen? »

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