The Government of Quebec organizes a free mass wedding for more than 6,000 indigent couples

More than 6,000 indigent couples legitimized their union in a month-long mass wedding in Quezon City.

Dubbed “Feb-ibig”, the mass weeding included 6,233 destitute couples from Quezon City who had lived together, some for four decades, were finally able to celebrate their union for free through the Kasalang Bayan.

Children of couples who married under the city government program can now change their illegitimate status to legitimate children through subsequent marriage.

Executive Order No. 209 of 1987 or the Family Code of the Philippines (Section 165) defines illegitimate children as “children conceived and born outside of a valid marriage”. Apart from this, Article 176 of the Family Code also states that illegitimate children have less rights than legitimate children.

Children legitimized by subsequent marriage enjoy the same rights as legitimate children and this effect is retroactive to the time of the child’s birth (Article 179-180 of the Family Code).

The city government said couples could also enjoy legal marriage benefits.

All marriage processing fees are free, including marriage license application and marriage certificate registration.

The traditional cake cutting and wine tasting was also attended by selected newlyweds after the ceremony to add to the mass wedding festivities. They also receive wedding gifts from their sponsors.

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