Uttar Pradesh: Now couples gifted bulldozer toys at mass wedding in Prayagraj | Allahabad News

PRIYAGRAJ: Government bulldozers driving over the illegal properties of mobsters and criminals in Uttar Pradesh have apparently captured the imagination of people in the state.
Be it wedding ceremonies or birthday parties, guests give bulldozers, albeit toys, to loved ones and loved ones as a symbol of love.
In an interesting episode, at least seven newly married couples were given bulldozer toys by the organizers of a “samuhik vivah” (mass wedding) under the banner of Yuja Chaurasia Samaj Sewa Trust at Ramvatika Guest House campus in Katra at a function here Sunday night.
The main guest of the occasion, Swami Kalyani Nand Giri aka Chhoti Guru, told TOI that the newly married couples were given bulldozer toys with the promise that they would follow the seven marriage vows throughout their lives .
“The bulldozer toys symbolize the victory of good over evil and also order in life, this is the message we want to convey to the couple. In addition to offering necessary household items, we gave them toys of bulldozer so they can remember the day as a memorable event and live a life of peace and harmony,” she said.
“It is an endorsement of the good work the government is doing to improve law and order in the state,” she added.
The couples thanked the organizers for the unique gifts.
Interestingly, not only the newlyweds, but also the guests were amazed by the gifts. “The gifts definitely send a powerful message, evil will always be defeated and good will always triumph. We all appreciate the government’s action against criminals and mafia groups in the state. The bulldozers have instilled a sense of fear among them said a guest at reception.
A number of examples of bulldozer toys given away at birthday parties have also been revealed.
Bulldozers have become the talk of the town across the state after illegal properties of mobsters and criminals were bulldozed. Bulldozers, symbolizing the maintenance of law and order, were a hot topic during the 2022 parliamentary elections.
Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s strict action against the criminals and the use of bulldozers to raze the illegal properties of the offenders has been highly appreciated by the people of the state.

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