Waco Judge’s Trial Over Arranging Same-Sex Marriage Transferred to Travis County | Government


Hensley, who has said she is entitled to a “religious exemption,” is supported by the First Liberty Institute, a leading religious freedom law firm based in Plano. She declined to comment after Thursday’s hearing, referring the questions to her lawyers.

One of his attorneys, Jeremy Dys, said that while they were disappointed with Meyer’s decision, they were eager to take the case “to Travis County and ask this court to review the case. by Dianne “.

“We obviously think the venue was appropriate, which is why we chose to file a complaint in McLennan County,” Dys said. “But at the end of the day, we think it will depend on the Supreme Court ruling on this issue at some point. We just want to make sure that Dianne has the capacity to pursue this rather creative solution to serve her riding while respecting her religious beliefs. “

Hensley argued in her opposition to the sanctions that she, along with most county justices of the peace, had stopped performing marriages on county legal advice so as not to give the impression that those who chose not performing same-sex marriages discriminated against them. -sex couples.

While most local justices of the peace still don’t perform weddings, Hensley has chosen to resume the ceremonies, but only for heterosexual couples. She said her office politely refused because of her religious beliefs, but referred those couples to Justice of the Peace David Pareya, of West, or others in the county who would perform their weddings. Court records show that she has performed 415 marriages for opposite-sex couples since August 2016.

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