Was Zoe Kravitz’s destination wedding a sign of trouble?


Many people are annoyed by the concept of destination weddings, with nearly 40 percent of Americans in a survey saying it’s selfish for a bride and groom to ask guests to use their money and vacation days. to travel across the country or around the world to celebrate the couple and their “Big Day”.

It can also be aggravating when the couple separate soon after marriage. When this happens, it’s fair to wonder what went wrong from the start and why the couple didn’t sort out their issues before expecting people to join them in a remote location for an event. days focused on their relationship.

Questions like this surround news this week that “Big Little Lies” star Zoe Kravitz is divorcing actor Karl Glusman 18 months after their wedding in a lavish star-studded wedding in Paris. It’s also easy to wonder if the exaggerated nature of marriage was a sign of trouble, a conscious display of excess to cover up problems or to deny their reality.

The 32-year-old actress was evasive about the breakup, posting only a cryptic Instagram post about taking out the trash, People reported. In the post, Kravitz shared a meme of a drag queen putting a bag of trash in a dumpster, with the bag tagged: “The people and things that no longer serve my greatest and greatest good.”

In the absence of more information, rumors began to circulate on social media, including the rumor that Kravitz was dating Channing Tatum. Fans seemed to be hanging on to the rumor, as if the hunky “Magic Mike” actor’s promise offered a reason why Kravitz sent Glusman so quickly after a romantic wedding in Paris, which his co-stars from Paris attended. “Big Little Lies” Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley.

Robert Pattinson’s name has also emerged as a possible factor in the breakup, likely because he and Kravitz work together in “The Batman,” in which she plays Selina Kyle / Catwoman. Fans have also speculated that Kravitz might have good reason to part ways with Glusman, the trash meme suggesting his marriage has become something that no longer serves “the greater and greater good.”

Rumors of Tatum remained widespread enough that People magazine contacted a “source”, who stated that Kravitz and Tatum are not go out together.

“They are working together on an upcoming project and it is not true that they are dating,” said the source. People did not reveal the upcoming project, but did note that Kravitz and Tatum worked together on “The Lego Batman Movie” from 2017.

Kravitz and Glusman were first linked in 2016, but she has kept their relationship a secret and only revealed to Rolling Stone in October 2018 that they had been engaged for eight months.

“Oh yeah, I’m engaged,” Kravitz joked after the writer noticed a diamond ring on her left hand. “I haven’t told anyone yet – I mean, I haven’t told the world. I wanted to keep it private.

Kravitz enjoyed what wedding goers called “her cute princess party” in June 2019, wearing a ballerina-style designer dress to exchange vows with Glusman at her father’s Parisian townhouse, singer Lenny Kravitz. Many Twitter users, however, disliked the dress. After the divorce was announced, they said her feminine design somehow hinted at issues in the relationship.

The lavish event was reported on social media, along with other famous Kravitz guests including his mother, Lisa Bonet, and stepfather, “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa. Presumably, it wouldn’t have been too difficult for Witherspoon, Kidman, Momoa, and the other famous guests to find the time or money to fly to Paris and enjoy first-class accommodation, but the wedding at Kravitz’s destination followed another trend that has annoyed many wedding guests and etiquette experts – couples having a second marriage after getting married for the first time in a civil ceremony. Kravitz and Glusman had already said their “I do” in a civil ceremony earlier in 2019.

Sometimes couples run away on impulse and wish they had the big ceremony and big party, so they plan what is called a “redo wedding,” according to wedding experts. For brides, a wedding to be redone is also known as “Pretty Princess Day”.

So Kravitz had both a destination and a wedding to remake – combining two contentious wedding trends. She then separated from her husband 18 months later.

As late as May, the “High Fidelity” star praised Glusman as “the only one” in an interview on Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast, People reported. When Shepard asked her how she knew they were going to get married, Kravitz replied, “I feel like I’ve known him all my life. He’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Her thoughts on marriage were more measured in an interview with Variety in June 2020. She suggested that she herself had issues that she needed to sort out and indicated that she didn’t always make the best choices. healthier.

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