Watch out for this destination wedding


Andrea is delighted that her wedding will take place early next year.

“I want it to be at the Sheraton [hotel]; I want the church service and the reception to be in the same place, ”she recently told a friend, her eyes shining.

However, the light in her eyes went out when the friend told her that religious leaders of “traditional” denominations are not known to preside at weddings outside of the church.

“I told him that because they were perhaps too busy officiating at the wedding ceremonies of the many couples who get married on Saturdays, religious leaders of traditional faiths are not known to officiate at destination weddings. », Explains Andrea’s friend.

Like Andrea, you may be considering having your wedding service or your mass and reception in the same location and you may be hoping for a religious leader to officiate there.

If you are, it’s important to know that religious leaders rarely officiate at the types of weddings you desire.

“It is difficult to see a [Catholic] priest and [Anglican] reverend officiating at destination weddings. I went to a few and didn’t see them there, ”said Sharitah Mutaawe, host of a wedding show at Bukedde TV.

A few years ago Gaetano Juuko Kagwa and his wife exchanged vows in front of Reverend Stephen Shalita in the gardens of Speke Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo, but even then those vows were preceded by traditional vows in St. Francis Chapel, Makerere.

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