We are delighted with the traditional engagement of Abimbola and David + civil wedding


When someone who takes care of making brides beautiful and confident on their big day becomes the bride herself, it is impossible not to be super excited! Today we are talking about traditional engagement and civil marriage # DaveLove21. If you missed their pre-wedding photoshoot, you should check it out here.

Beautiful creator of Asooke, Abimbola of Traditions by Bimmms, popularly known as Bimmms24 got married to the love of her life, David and it was so many shades of beautiful. It all started with the traditional engagement, following the Yoruba culture, David, in the company of his family and friends, then had his fiancée and what followed was a celebration of love amidst joy and joy. pure pleasure. The colors, the laughter and the love filled the whole atmosphere and we absolutely captured the mood. As for Owambe, you already know how the Yoruba fares – and # DaveLove21 was no exception. From Abimbola and David’s fly to dynamic display of culture and other highlights including the gospel soul singer, Yinka Alaseyori, the traditional engagement was an absolute delight.

After the traditional engagement, the lovebirds “went to court”, but for a good journey. The greatest course of all, in fact – love! We can’t forget the beauty of the whole ceremony and of course, all the fun that followed. From their pre-wedding photoshoot to their traditional wedding, with the Abimbola style of service, and now their civil wedding, couple # DaveLove21 gave us a lot to do and we totally support them!

Discover all the sensations of Abimbola and Dave’s traditional engagement with the photos below.

Here is the bride …

Who says black can’t shine? For their second appearance, Abimbola was a queen in black and Dave was a dapper groom!

Now is the time for the first dance of this magical couple. ??

Civil marriage

Let’s take a look at David as he prepares too!

The magic of the first glance … 🤭

Now let’s move on to the ceremony!

Abimbola and David do this legally. ??

Now they exchange these beautiful words with each other and engage their love in prayer.

Here is Monsieur and Madame in every sense of the word! ??

Now it’s party after party! ??


Married: @ bimmms24
Bridal style: @lavish_bridal
Planner: @etaleventsng
Reconcile: @bimpeonakoya
Hair: @tobbiestouch
Court attire: @elizabethandlacebridal
Bouquet: @adelasflowers
Accessories : @swarovski
Shoes: @louboutinworld
Photography: @jopstudios
Videography: @ladimilanfilms
Long dress: @aprilbykunbi
Bouquet: @adelasflowers
Photography: @emmanuellaphotosgallery | @jopstudios
Videography: @ladimilanfilms
Traditional Groom Style: @ lgc.groomconsultancy
Asooke navy blue: @ bimmms24
Traditional makeup: @eeswatmakeovers
Frozen: @oni_gele
Jewelry: @ jewelryatelier2018
Shoes: @renecaovilla via @dpeelondonluxuryshopper
Clutch: @benedettabruzziches
Traditional photography: @laphyphotography
Videography: @ladimilanfilms

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