What to Include in Destination Wedding Save the Dates

Are you inviting guests to join you in an exotic location to celebrate your wedding? So you already know that your timing and planning is a little (or a lot) different from a traditional wedding. While a standard save-the-date might not include more than your wedding date, venue, and your wedding website URL, if guests pull out their passports or join you for a few days instead of a night or two, there are a few other things you’ll want to tell them ahead of time. Here’s what we think you should include in your destination wedding booking.

Send invitations earlier

The first thing to keep in mind is timing. While a regular wedding invitation is sent eight weeks before the wedding and reservation dates are sent about four to six months in advance, a destination wedding invitation should be sent at least 12 weeks in advance. . And those save-the-dates? Plan to send them at least six months in advance and up to eight months before the big day. This will give your guests plenty of time to compare flight options, make work arrangements, and plan an extended trip before or after your wedding if they wish.

Include an information folder

Now come the details. Instead of just a postcard, consider sending a packet so you have room for additional information, and treat your reservation as a pre-invitation rather than just a notice that you’re having a wedding. You should have a general schedule for weekend events, from welcome party and brunch to any group activities you have planned, and should already have a block of rooms reserved at your hotel so guests can determine which days to leave and book their hotel room.

Ask guests what they want to do

Still not sure what other activities you would like to include? Ask your guests. Whether in your save-the-date or on your wedding website, provide a few options and ask guests to choose what they would be interested in attending so you can plan accordingly.

Planning something particularly intimate or truly remote? Ask guests to RSVP as part of your date reservation and use the invitation as a formality later.

Put everything on your wedding website

And of course, be sure to provide all the information on your wedding website as well. If you’re pressed for space, keep your date reservation base and let guests know to come to your site for all travel specifics and a weekend schedule.

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