You’ll love seeing Nini and Tolu’s breathtaking civil wedding #ThatNTLove


We are taking full advantage of all the beautiful civil ceremonies lately.

The absolutely gorgeous bride Neither nor and his love forever, Tolu tied the knot legally and it was all beautiful and more. The bride’s house has been transformed into a beautiful space for their civil ceremony. From the decor to her stunning looks and dresses, it all came together brilliantly for the couple #ThatNTLove.

BellaNaija Weddings wish the couple a life of love, joy and happiness. Keep scrolling to see photos from their day and the story of their meeting. If you enjoy all things marriage and love, head over to

How we met
By the bride, Neither nor

I met my first class engineer in a very memorable way about ten years ago. I came to visit my aunt in Lagos from the far north (Yola). I walked into a bank one morning and there he was staring at me. He saw my passport photos and asked if he could keep one. Reluctantly, I just gave it to him and I was like “abeg, no be my passport photo, I have so many”. He asked for my phone number and I gave him the inactive number. Months have passed and one day I saw the SIM card, I put it in my phone. The next day his call came, I reluctantly chose and we exchanged jokes. He called back the next day and we talked briefly about fun jokes, society, and driving. Moments later, I thought about everything we talked about on the phone and thought to myself “he’s intellectually healthy.”

The time to serve my homeland came (NYSC) and I was assigned to Akure. We have been in secrecy for a long time. One fateful morning he called and I told him I was assigned to Akure. I described my experience as a Corp member and his words of encouragement energized me. Surprisingly, I didn’t know he was working in Akure now. He didn’t mention it. At that time, I had changed my number. He decided to look for me at the local government where we usually have our CDS. He made inquiries with certain members of the Corps, without knowing it, they knew me and my contact details were given to him. That night he called and it was the start of our friendship. We have remained good friends. It is this friend with whom I have shared all the secrets. He will listen to you and advise you accordingly. One day, he confessed his love to me. We took things slowly until he completely won my heart. His calm, his focus, his determination, his zeal and his intelligence brought me closer to him with each passing day.

He is very patient. He saw what he wanted and strove to achieve it. It took him a few years but it didn’t bother him. “Sir” as I call him has been a blessing for me. He’s been with me through thick and thin. A shoulder to always lean on. She is a calm and very private person. He supported me and helped me to blossom into the “woman” that I have become. I remembered the day Mom poured out her heart and prayed that that day would come. It’s finally here and congratulations to our “Forever”. Glory to God for being our pillar.


Married: @ iamnini1
Young married man: @t_alebs
Planner: @ 2706events
Bridal style: @lavish_bridal
Reconcile: @bimpeonakoya
Hair: @ferdinandshair
Dress: @imadeduso_bridal
Wedding dress: @marveeofficial
Bouquet: @adelasflowers
Shoes: @aminahjillil
The groom’s look: @davidwej
Civil wedding train: @ houseofnini1
Photography: @felixcrown
Videography: @otusally
Decor: @saraoevents
Food: @tashbistro
Cake: @livvystwist
Candy boxes: @sweettommiee
Sofas: @bitesnscoops
Violinist: @godwinstrings

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