Young Hindu-Muslims Jointly Hold Mass Wedding in Kushtagi | Hubballi News

Koppal: Kushtagi, a small town in Koppal district, witnessed a small but significant cultural revolution on Wednesday as 100 young people, including 20 from the Muslim community, worked together to hold a mass wedding to commemorate Basava Jayanti and Ramzan. As many as 32 impoverished couples were married at the event, demonstrating another example of communal harmony in the state.
Vazeer Ali B Gonal, President, Bhagat Singh Samsthe and Banni Mahankali Seva Samiti, Kushtagi told TOI that preparations for the event started two months ago. “We have been organizing sports, cultural and social activities since 1998, as well as mass weddings to help poor families in the region. The 32 couples present today belonged to various Hindu castes. In the past, we have also helped Muslim families. We have more than 100 members in the Sangh, and they all contributed between Rs 2,000 and Rs 10,000 according to their ability and desire. It was a Rs 15 lakh event, but we cannot calculate the amount accurate as it was based on voluntary contributions from Kushtagi residents who donated items such as rations. Even shamiyana vendors offered a 50% discount on their services. Couples received mangalasutras, clothes and garlands. In the evening, musical evenings with sandalwood singers were organized,” he said.
Karibasava Shivacharya Mahaswami of Maddani Hirmetah, Kushtagi, who has blessed couples on the occasion, said that while many pooches and organizations are reluctant to hold such events, young people from all communities have shown communal harmony. “Currently, the situation is very sensitive, but such events give hope for a public concord,” he said.
The event was attended by Hazarat Islamic scholar Sayyed Shah Abdul Khadri Faisal Pasha of Ilkal-Hanamasagar, MP Amaregouda Bayyapur, former MP Hasansab Dotihal and other political leaders.
Yamanur Talwar, a groom from Lingadal village, said if this event had not taken place, his wedding would have been postponed for a year.
Mallappa Lakkalakatti and Shekappa Lakkalakatti, farmer brothers from Konesagar village, said their wedding would cost Rs 2 lakh even if they planned it simply. “Our family members were concerned about pooling funds for the wedding, and there was the possibility of a postponement. However, this event helped us avoid a financial burden,” they said.
On the occasion, Mahadev Davaru of Annadanishwar Shakha Mutt, Kukanur presented Gonal with the ‘Kayakayogi’ award and said the nation needs young people like Gonal.
“We chose him for the award because of his leadership in organizing sports, cultural and social activities over the past two decades, and moreover, he is a follower of Basavanna,” he said. declared.


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