Young people not for mass wedding ceremonies

DOHA: As Qatar is a wealthy country, its young citizens of marriageable age, even if they come from low-income families, find the idea of ​​mass marriages humiliating.

“The concept of mass marriages is not acceptable to the Qatari community as it goes against their traditions and customs and degrades their social status,” a Qatari psychologist told local Arab daily Al Arab.

“We could instead have a marriage fund to help a Qatari man get married since Qatari marriages are an expensive affair,” Dr Moza Al Malki said.

She said that since most young Qataris depend on salaries, they take out bank loans to get married.

And Qatari citizens cannot turn to charities for help with their marriage or cannot agree to mass wedding ceremonies because they believe it degrades their social status.

“I am personally against mass weddings as it does not suit our traditions and customs and interferes with the privacy of the bride and groom,” Al Malki said. Marriage loans granted by the state to citizens are not enough to help reduce the burden of marriage expenses on young people, which is why most of them do not apply for it, Al Maliki said.

She urges the relevant authorities to set up a matrimonial fund to help Qatari men of marriageable age to get married.

Each family has its own traditions, so if the mass wedding is organized for an extended family, that’s fine. But bride and groom come from different families in mass weddings, so it is not acceptable for the Qatari community, said citizen Abu Mohammad Al Tamimi.

Concerned authorities should consider other ways to help young people marry rather than having mass marriages, said Mohammad Al Bariki. Building cheaper wedding halls like the Rimas project launched by the Social Development Center is a good idea, he said.

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